'90 Day Fiance': Is Julia Trubkina being treated as 'free labor' in America? Fans are raging over Brandon Gibbs

Julia wants Brandon to move out of his family home after his parents made her work at the farm

                            '90 Day Fiance': Is Julia Trubkina being treated as 'free labor' in America? Fans are raging over Brandon Gibbs
Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs' relationship has been problematic right from the word go (TLC)

'90 Day Fiance' has not been a breezy journey for both its cast members and fans, who are finding it hard to root for the couples given how most are still dousing fires all over the place. Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina's relationship is a shining example. Right from the word go, it has been problematic. First, it was his parents – Betty and Ron – who handed them a list of rules they must abide by, then came waking up early to help with the work at the family farm. 

Julie had high hopes from her visit to America. Based on what Brandon had apparently promised her, Julia had been hoping she would get to see a completely different life. Instead, she is stuck feeding the pigs and tending to the cattle. Not what she had in mind. 


In this week's episode, we see her trying to get to the bottom of it by giving Brandon an ultimatum that he can either help her move out of the house so that they can start a life together, or she leaves for Russia. Brandon, once again, is caught between his love for her and his family. More importantly, he knows they don't have the kind of money on them to support themselves, which was why he suggested they live at his parents' place for a few months before they have their own house. 

The idea made sense then, but between the no-sex-under-my-roof rule and waking up before the first light of the day to clean up animals, Julia's stay is turning out to be quite the nightmare. She was all teared up and fans get why. 




"It’s free slave labor. She CANT work, so she does not have a choice where she lives. Her sponsor agreed to take care of her. She didn’t agree to farm chores all day, and shouldn’t be expected to. If she chose to live there, it’s another story, but she wants out," a user commented on the show's official Facebook page, while another replied: "Indentured servitude is not allowed. She can go whenever she wants."

"She should run back home! That family is the stuff of Horror Movies!" one user posted. "The parents probably paid for her visa and expect her to work to pay them back.
That “ farm” looks awful and unkempt. Those dogs are caged. Imagine how bad it smells in that house too! Uggh. This girl should leave. Take Brandon and go back to Russia. They make a cute couple." another pointed out.

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