'90 Day Fiance': Julia denies Brandon sex until he convinces his parents to let them sleep together

Betty has laid down a host of rules for Julia to follow and now she wants Brandon to break or at least bend some of them for her

                            '90 Day Fiance': Julia denies Brandon sex until he convinces his parents to let them sleep together
Brandon, Julia (TLC)

It was a fairytale-esque meet at the airport, a scene straight out of the films. But everything spiraled out of control quickly as the parents — Betty and Ron — came into the picture.

Although planning a whole evening was a sweet gesture on Betty and Ron's part, the conversations made Julia increasingly uncomfortable because she didn't hear the truth from Brandon. 

"He needs to be a man," Julia said in her confessional after she saw Brandon go silent as his parents listed out rules for Julia to follow within hours of her landing in Washinton DC. At one point, Ron even asked Brandon if he agreed with her mother's idea that he and Julia should sleep in different rooms when they get home. 

Julia had just begun to get surprised when Betty asked if they were looking at having children anytime soon. Before she could give a concrete answer, she interjected with a suggestion. Betty said she thought Julia should see her gynecologist to discuss her birth control options. 

Later that night, when Julia questioned Brandon about what he thought of his mother not letting them share a bedroom, he requested her to see it as Betty's way of helping Julia out so that she has better idea about birth controls. In her confessional, he even went on to add that his mother was only helping Julia out by starting those conversations and that she should give her a chance. 

Julia was in no mood to be accommodating. She gave Brandon an ultimatum of sorts. She said they won't be having sex until he tells his mother that either she must allow them to live out of the same room or they leave the house altogether. For Julia, sleeping in different rooms will not work simply because he has his work schedule and wakes up at a different time, which will impact their time together and it doesn't help that they have only three months together before they decide whether or not they should walk down the aisle. 

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