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'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7: Andrei's verbal abuse worries fans about how he treats Libby off-camera

'Is Libby physically abused as well as mentallly now?' a concerned fan said
Libby and Andrei in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 Episode 8 (TLC)
Libby and Andrei in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 Episode 8 (TLC)

TAMPA, FLORIDA: '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' star Andrei Castravet couldn't keep his emotions in check following another setback in his quest for permanent residency in the United States. Fans are concerned about how he treats his wife, Elizabeth Potthast, off-camera after his most recent meltdown.

Andrei is still waiting for a green card after four years of bureaucracy, and he believes someone in his wife's family has been talking to officials about his case. While cameras were not allowed to film their interview, we observe stressful interactions with Andrei and Libby both before and after the appointment. Andrei's wife Libby struggled throughout his immigration interview on Sunday's episode of the '90 Day Fiance' spin-off. "We went for an interview at the USCA office and got grilled," Andrei recounted. "We were hoping to get my permanent Green Card approved. But, it didn't happen."


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Andrei and Libby in '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 Episode 8 (TLC)
Andrei and Libby in '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 Episode 8 (TLC)

"I guess we need more proof but I don't know much more proof you need," Elizabeth said. They're equally as worried as before as they emerge and get into the car: Andrei's green card hasn't been accepted yet, but it hasn't been refused either. The pair rehearsed answering questions about each other that they expected to be asked, but mistakenly offered conflicting responses about when they met. Andrei furiously accused his wife of not knowing when they met and explained why the immigration official would "think twice" about awarding him a permanent Green Card.

In a confessional, Elizabeth acknowledged her error, saying, "'One question that kinda made things kinda take a turn for the worse, it was 'When did you and your husband meet?' and I think that's a very relative question. Like, meet on the phone or face-to-face? So my answer was different and they were like, 'That's not the right answer.' I was like, 'This is my husband. I know when we met. I was there.'" Andrei pressed his wife on her response, asking her, "I said to just f—ing answer the questions. Why [were] you stumbling?"

"Do not hound me right now," she said, adding that she did her "best" to answer the immigration officer. Andrei pushed his wife even harder and accused her of giggling during the immigration interview, which she refuted. She stated, "I nervously answered. You're not gonna sit there and blame me." Elizabeth also revealed how tough it was for her to go through the immigration procedure again. "You want to make sure you say something right. I mean, they know all the answers. They're just waiting for you to mess up."

The pair argued over the immigration interview and what would happen if Andrei didn't acquire his permanent Green Card. "If something happens, this is no joke," Andrei informed his wife, "We have to get out." Elizabeth, on the other hand, was anxious about the future of their daughter Ellie, adding, "I'm just thinking about Ellie. I want her to grow up here." Her spouse stated, "We have plenty of opportunities everywhere. Believe me."

Elizabeth expressed her views about the issue in a confessional. "If my husband was deported, 100 f—ing percent I would be there with him, so would Ellie. At the same time, raising Ellie in Moldova, like, that's a completely different life. I just never thought it would be something we would have to do. But, at this point, it really is a possibility," she stated.

She also expressed her fears about not being close to family; however, her husband advised her not to discuss the immigration difficulties with them and said that her family would be "happy" to see them depart the country. "F**k your family!" Andrei yells. He vows to sue anyone found tampering in the case and is resigned to the potential of deportation. "If it’s game over, it’s game over," he declares emphatically.

He revealed why he assumed her family was behind their immigration problems. "I believe it was somebody from Libby's family who could have reported me to USCIS because they hate me," he explained.

"I don't know who would have said anything, who would have tried to do that to sabotage us. That doesn't make any sense to me," she said.

Concerned after seeing the way Andrei treat his wife on camera, a fan tweeted: "Man, if he's like this on camera, what kind of d*ck is Andrei off camera???" Another fan wrote: "I CAN NOT stand Andrei. He's such an aggressive and demanding ass." Some fans are now wondering is Libby is physically abused by Andrei: "Is Libby physically abused as well as mentallly now? Does she accept Andrei's gross behaviour as norm. Is she afraid to tell him a peace of her mind these days? She behaves very submissive. He speaks disrespectfully to everyone including her mother he feels power." Having to sit through and watch Andrei continue to curse while talking to his wife, a fan wrote: "Can’t Andrei talk like a normal human being without cursing so much? Every other word is a curse word. He’s such a d**k."





Noticing how easily Andrei goes off, a viewer tweeted: "Andrei has an uncanny ability to get heated over the most innocuous comment or question. Every time Libby opens her mouth, he jumps down her throat. Yeesh. #90DayFiance #90DayFianceHEA." Fans are now questioning his troubled past in Moldova as they write: "Andrei is def abusive AF! I don’t doubt that he did something in Moldova that got him in trouble. His temper and disrespect is another level!! #90DayFianceHEA." Wondering why Libby was ok with Andrei mistreating her, a fan wrote: "I think Libby was conditioned to verbal abuse long before Andrei was around. Her sisters and brother are the worst, at least Andrei is in her corner now on most days, but tonight he wasn’t." One viewer tweeted: "I cant stand listening to Andrei talk,he's so bossy with Libby,telling her,don't cry,dont wimper,dont tell family,if anyone has to go, take him, he's so full of himself! ?#90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter





You can catch up on all the drama of '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' Season 7 on TLC and Discovery+. The new episodes air on Sundays at 8 pm ET.

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