Private plane crashes into residential area killing 6 flyers and 2 crew members, 7 buildings destroyed

Private plane crashes into residential area killing 6 flyers and 2 crew members, 7 buildings destroyed
A small plane carrying 6 passengers and 2 crew members lost control plunging into residence buildings (@DAGRDMedellin/Twitter)

MEDELLIN, COLUMBIA: In a tragic accident in the Columbian city of Medellin, eight people died in a plane crash incident. As per Colombian Aviation officials, the private aircraft PA31 operated by SanGerman plunged into the residential area not long after soaring into the sky from Olaya Herrera Airport.

All six passengers and two crew members on board died after the plane lost control and fell on the buildings. There’s no confirmation on whether there were others on board when the small plane went down. Luckily, no injuries were reported on the ground immediately. Medellin Mayor Daniel Quintero said seven homes had been completely razed and half a dozen structures were damaged due to the crash. Video from the scene posted to social media showed smoldering ruins after the plane crash.


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Photos emerging from the scene show firefighters and other emergency team personnel are working to douse flames amid the scattered tiles and collapsed brick walls. According to the mayor, the plane likely crashed due to "engine failure" during takeoff. “Unfortunately, the pilot was not able to keep the plane aloft and it crashed in this neighborhood,” said Mayor Quintero, reported the New York Post.

However, an official report on what led to the crash is yet to be released, the report said.



The aircraft was traveling from Medellin to Pizarro in El Choco, on a route that lasted approximately 25 minutes.

In 2016, a plane carrying the Brazilian football team Chapecoense ran out of fuel and crashed in some mountains close to the city of Medellin, 71 of the 77 persons on board — including 16 players were killed, as per CBS News.

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