'76 Days': Release date, plot, trailer and all you need to know about documentary on early days of Covid-19

'76 Days': Release date, plot, trailer and all you need to know about documentary on early days of Covid-19
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Early this year, when the coronavirus was only distant news, the city of Wuhan -- the sprawling capital of the Hubei province in China -- was in the early days of its battle against the new virus that had taken over the city and would go on to take over the world. Soon after a lockdown in Wuhan began, a group of filmmakers started filming at four different hospitals in the city. Hao Wu, Weixi Chen, and a first-time Chinese reporter-turned-filmmaker only listed as Anonymous continued filming in difficult conditions amid strict censorship until April 8, when the lockdown in the city was lifted.

'76 Days' is the documentary born of those efforts and is set to be available to watch in the United States in December. Read on to know more about the documentary.

Release date

'76 Days' is brought to the US by MTV Documentary Films and will be launched in virtual cinemas beginning Friday, December 4.


'76 Days' is a raw and emotional look at the struggles of the people of Wuhan, China, in the earliest days of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is directed by New York filmmaker Hao Wu and two China-based journalists, Weixi Chen and “Anonymous,” who took enormous personal risks to film at four different hospitals. 

On January 23, 2020, China locked down Wuhan, a city of 11 million, to combat the emerging COVID-19 outbreak. Set deep inside the frontlines of the crisis, '76 Days' tells indelible human stories at the center of this pandemic -- from a woman begging in vain to bid a final farewell to her father, a grandfather with dementia searching for his way home, a couple anxious to meet their newborn, to a nurse determined to return personal items to families of the deceased. These intimate stories bear witness to the death and rebirth of a city under a 76-day lockdown, and to the compassion and human resilience that persists in times of profound tragedy.


'76 Days' was directed by Hao Wu, Weixi Chen, and Anonymous. It was produced by Hao Wu and Jean Tsien. The film was written and edited by Hao Wu and shot by Anonymous and Weixi Chen. Executive producers are Sheila Nevins, Bryn Mooser, Geralyn White Dreyfous, Naja Pham Lockwood, Jamie Chen, and Roberto Grande.



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