'7 Little Johnstons': What do Anna, Emma, Alex and Elizabeth do for a living? Here are their cool online stores

In the recent episode, the little-big family discussed how they have harnessed their creative side to start a business. Here's what they sell and where you can buy them

                            '7 Little Johnstons': What do Anna, Emma, Alex and Elizabeth do for a living? Here are their cool online stores
Anna, Emma and Alex Johnston (Fizz4Passion/ EmmasRingsNThings/ Jalexjohnston/Instagram)

The recent episode of '7 Little Johnstons' was all about Anna Johnston, Emma Johnston and Alex Johnston discussing their online stores and how they run their business. The Johnstons are one of the most popular families and a huge fan following.

However, the family does not rely on the show for a living. Everyone has entrepreneurial aspirations in the family and they've harnessed their creativity to start an online business. The recent episode saw Anna, Alex and Emma shed light on how they increase the visibility for their online stores, and the family's patriarch, Trent Johnston, too was inspired to begin something of his own apart from his job as a ground supervisor at a college in Forsyth.

Wondering where to access their stores and what each of them sells? Continue reading. 

Anna Johnston's Fizz4Passion


Anna was a full-time teacher at a daycare. In the episode, she revealed that she lost her job because of Covid-19, and the only way that she made money was through her online business. Anna designs and creates accessories from scratch and sells them on her Etsy store, and has made close to 1,500 sales already.

Her shop has been marked as a favorite by approximately 1,300 people. Beaded and stacked bracelets are Anna's specialty. Currently, she has 20 products listed on her Etsy shop and the price ranges from $6 and $22. Anna's business also has an online page which can be accessed here

Emma Johnston's Rings' n Things


Emma makes rings, earrings, and other accessories from scratch. Like her elder sister Anna, she too has an Etsy store and has made 628 sales to date, while 752 people have marked her store as favorite. She has 32 products listed on her page.

From hairbands to dangling earrings shaped like candy canes, wreaths, hearts, her page has it all. She also has a bow, a book series, a pair of shoes, and an eyeshadow palette listed in her shop. Emma's Rings'nThings ships internationally and the Instagram page can be accessed here

Alex Johnston's Alex Paper Co. 


Alex's origami skills is impressive. using paper. His Etsy store has close to 302 sales and 331 people have marked the page as favorite. He has 71 products listed on the page including an origami red and black trinket box, an origami dachshund, as well as a whole family of penguins. Prices range from $5 to $15. 

Elizabeth Johnston's Liz Doodles


When Elizabeth's not working 40 hours a week job at CareConnect Convenient Care and not spending time studying to become a Registered Nurse, she doodles. Her paintings are very serene and beautifully done using candy-colored pastels. You can check out her work and order it from here

'7 Little Johnstons' airs on Tuesday at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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