'7 Little Johnstons': Amber and Trent try to spice up their sex life, fans threaten to quit watching 'slutty show'

Here's why a majority of families won't be tuning in to watch the Johnston family and their show anymore

                            '7 Little Johnstons': Amber and Trent try to spice up their sex life, fans threaten to quit watching 'slutty show'
Trent and Amber Johnston from '7Little Johnstons' (Team 7LJ's Instagram)

'7 Little Johnstons' has a loyal fanbase who have been tuning in to every season of their show since the series first began airing in 2015. The show features Amber and Trent Johnston and their five children: Jonah, Anna, Elizabeth, Emma, and Alex. This big little group is the world's largest known family of achondroplasic dwarfs and they accepted the offer to do this show not for the money involved but solely for the fact that they wanted to gain social acceptance. Unlike the many reality shows currently on television that audiences do understand are scripted to a certain extent, '7 Little Johnstons' is like a breath of fresh air in comparison. They are as real as they come and the show has always managed to bring a huge smile to the faces of their audiences over the years.

Season 8 of the show is currently on the air, however, the love that the family enjoyed from their fans is dwindling fast and the reason behind the same is Amber and Trent's sex life. Their bedroom issues are prominently being discussed this season as both of them attempt to indulge in activities to reignite the fire in their relationship and bring back the passion they had for each other when they met almost 25 years ago. 

Trent and Amber Johnston from '7 Little Johnstons' (Team 7LJ's Instagram)


So far Amber and Trent have indulged in couple yoga, have discussed role play, last week they were at a sex counselor/therapist's office to discuss what's working and not working for their sex-life. They also took a pole-dancing class in the season premiere episode and last week, they tried some cosplay in the bedroom where Trent surprised Amber by emerging from the bathroom in a Batman costume. The episode ended with lights being put out and everyone knew and no brownie points for guessing what was about to go down. 

The couple is having a lot of fun trying to work on their relationship. It's a family show and there was a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode where Trent said there could be some adult content, however, the audiences are going hard at him and Amber as this didn't sit well with them. "This show is turning gross that man Trent is nasty the last thing we need to see it what goes on in their bedroom... They got upset when their daughter and boyfriend were cuddling on the couch .. time to end this stupid show... We don't want our kids watching Trent and Amy play have naked," read a comment on a private group on Facebook called 7 Little Johnstons: All opinions are welcome. "I won’t be watching anymore until the sex crap is removed, I know it’s part of life but a private part. I watched this show because of the massage it got out that all people are the same stature has nothing to do with who you are," another member posted on the group. "Clean up your show so children can watch it," commented one fan on a picture of Amber and Trent on the show's official Instagram handle.

Trent and Amber from '7 Little Johnstons' (TLC)


"I thought this was a family show. The last episode was disgusting. Nothing like trying to watch this with children. Nobody cares about your sex life. Grow up. We will stop watching. Maybe this should be renamed the little Kardashians. I also wanted to comment that you don’t treat Anna the same. It is so obvious. Nothing like kicking her right out of the house. You are even acting trashy in front of your own children," read another comment. "Just remember people's children are exposed to this when they watch it. Your own kids didn't want to watch or hear it, why would other people let their kids watch it. Slutty show" wrote another fan. 



'7 Little Johnstons' airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC. 

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