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'Riverdale': 5 reasons why Betty Cooper should choose Jughead Jones in Season 5

To be fair, there are many things that prove that Jughead and Betty belong together, they seem to be the perfect couple who have loyalty sewn into more than just their Serpent jackets
Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper  (The CW)
Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper (The CW)

Even though it has been revealed that the upcoming Season 5 of The CW's 'Riverdale' will feature a 7-year time jump, we also know that the episodes will continue on the narrative of where Season 4 ended. In Season 4, Episode 17 'Chapter Seventy-Four: Wicked Little Town' aka the musical episode, we saw Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) share a real kiss this time. Bughead fans, who always hoped that Betty stays with Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) forever, were more than a little disappointed with this. While we're waiting to see if Betty or Archie tells Jughead and Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) about their brief cheating, here are 5 reasons we think that Betty needs to choose Jughead - at least for the last bit of their highschool life. We can't imagine the duo going to prom with anyone else but each other. 

They're the investigative dream team

Jughead and Betty are both into mysteries, way more than Archie and Veronica will ever be. Not only are they extremely talented at finding out the identities of murderers, but they are also willing to go past many limits to bring truth to the surface. Even though there are many times that we've seen the duo crack cases, the most recent has to be the mystery of Stonewall prep when the duo orchestrated Jughead's death to bring Donna Swett to justice. Bughead has developed a strong bond with each other over time, because of the fact that they are able to join forces in figuring out all the discretions in their murderous little town. Now, at the end of Season 4, we also see them trying to identify the cinephile that's been sending voyeuristic tapes to their friends' homes. We wouldn't be surprised, if the duo, yet again, crack this case too.

Their opposite personalities attract

When it comes to their personality, Jughead and Betty are far off the deep end - they weren't even together in the comics. While externally they seem that it would never work out with Betty, a preppy girl and Jughead, a rebel, it comes down to the fact that opposites do attract. They are both the black sheep in their family, always speaking out, always willing to shake up the dynamic. They both have darkness inside of them, that they can relate to. They come from broken homes and have had tortuous lives and in that, they find their similarities. 

They are each other's calm in the storm

While sometimes unhealthy, the duo seems to always be at their best when they are with each other. In situations, where tensions are high, they only look to each other to calm their minds. This has been made evident quite a few times in the series. They really, really know each other! Do you remember when they exchanged Christmas gifts? Jug gifted Betty a 1987 copy of 'Beloved' by her favorite writer Toni Morrison and Betty got her man a vintage typewriter - if those weren't perfect gifts, we don't know what is. Even though their storms are murderers on the loose, the couple has a way of working together, to make sure things don't escalate for either of them. Do you remember when they pulled a Bonnie and Clyde and hit the car that was escaping after a murder occurred in Betty's home? Jughead didn't just ask Betty to be his Serpent Queen for no reason.

They support each other, always

From the start of the series, they have always had a way of supporting each other. An example was when they revied Riverdale High's newspaper, the Blue & Gold together - this was when they united to figure out  Jason Blossom's murder. Another was when Jughead's father FP Jones was in prison because of his part in hiding Jason's body, Betty vows to help Jughead get his father out - this is also the first time they exchange their "I love yous." Yet, another daunting example was when Betty decides that she too wants to be part of Jughead's serpent world and decides to do the "Serpent Dance" which was basically a striptease. Although Jughead doesn't enjoy that too much, it did show how much Betty was willing to do to be part of his world. They even made it past the time Betty was taken to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy!

They have incredible chemistry 

Even though Betty has always had the hots for Archie, she has more chemistry with Jughead. Cole and Lili have incredible chemistry between them, that has had fans invested in their characters' relationship for a long time now. Of course, the fact that they used to date in real life could have had something to do with it, but regardless, the chemistry is undeniable. The actors have managed to pull through with a romance regardless of all that they have been through - murderous parents, cults, serpent fights, fake deaths, ancestral revenge (Stonewall Prep narrative) and the list goes on. When they are with each other, it seems that they bring each others' characters alive, they are very compatible as a couple.

To be fair, there are many things that prove that Jughead and Betty belong together, they seem to be the perfect couple who have loyalty sewn into more than just their Serpent jackets. So all we're trying to say is that we're, Team #Bughead forever.

Catch 'Riverdale' Season 5 on January 20, 2021, on The CW.