'365 Days: This Day': Stronger on plot, Netflix sequel serves more steamy action

The first part was bittersweet, its sequel may have something more hidden between the sheets

                            '365 Days: This Day': Stronger on plot, Netflix sequel serves more steamy action
A still from the movie '365 Days: This Day' (Netflix)

As much as we hate the new Netflix release for its problematic depiction of sex, we can't ignore what it brings to the table in terms of modern depiction of an erotic. An absolute eyebrow-raiser, '365 Days: This Day' delivers more moans than meaning in the movie. Some called it a porn spree while others called it a ravishing sight to watch the sparks between the lead actors.

While the show challenges us to amp up our sex lives, it also leaves us wondering why the storyline of the movie is scarce. We all know the first release '365 Days' didn't quite hit the spot with the audience. Let's find out if that's compensated in its sequel. Spoiler alert for those who haven't got a taste of the movie yet.


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The sequel shows the quaint side of Massimo making us fall head over heels yet again for his machismo. Laura and Massimo get hitched in Sicily leading the story to their honeymoon. Things look bright until Laura thinks Massimo might have cheated on her and flees with another charming sight for a man, Nacho. Everything goes south from there as the quest to find Laura is in full blaze.

The sequel is here to offer a little more when it comes to the plot, in contrast to its first part. Part one could be seen focusing on Laura forcefully falling in love with Massimo. There was nothing much to look forward to other than that. But this time the sequel offered a little more, albeit the movie still focused mostly on cuffs and cunnilingus.

Both the releases faced backlash for different reasons. The first one had to face backlash within days of its release as it bothered a lot of people on how the story revolved around human trafficking and rape - all slyly covered with songs and sex. The new release now has its problems as it faces the audience's wrath on wanting to watch more story to the plot. Otherwise, the actors have done a fascinating job in making every scene notable.

Catch '365 Days: This Day' exclusively on Netflix.

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