Woman drags her bleeding body into an elevator to save herself from violent pitbull

Woman drags her bleeding body into an elevator to save herself from violent pitbull
25-year-old woman attacked by pitbull sways her way through the elevator to save herself (Photo by seguimiento.co)

A terrified woman, 25, was bitten on her neck, arms, hands, and legs as she attempted to save herself from a violent dog by dragging herself to the elevator in an apartment tower in Cucuta, Colombia. However, the pit bull continued to gnaw at her, leaving pools of blood on the elevator's floor. The woman finally managed to press a button with her injured hand and crawl out when the elevator reached the floor.

Security guards assisted the woman before she was carried to the hospital with injuries to her neck, arms, hands, and legs, according to local sources.


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Following the horrific incident on March 17 in the Prados neighborhood, local authorities grabbed the dog, which had never been involved in an assault before, and put it through several days of "behavioral tests" in order to decide what to do with it. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the woman will now undergo surgery.

The dog, according to news site El Informador, belonged to another tenant of the building and was not muzzled. Other sources indicated the dog was in the victim's apartment with her when it suddenly attacked her, but did not say who owned it.

"She was tying one of her shoes when the dog began to bite one of her arms," police spokesperson Arvey Davila said. "As she was alone, and given the strength of this animal, she decided to leave the apartment and go to the elevator. The police confirmed that the dog was without a muzzle in the apartment."

"She has fractures in two fingers of her right hand, a phalanx on her left. She is still hospitalized and pending transfer to a clinic for a medical procedure," Davila stated.

The dog was taken to the Zoonosis Center of the Health Secretariat of Cúcuta, where it will undergo behavioral analysis for a few days, after which it will leave the facility with a muzzle.

There have been several other incidents where untamed dogs have turned on humans. One such incident occurred in Michigan where a heroic father rescued his daughter from the clutches of a pitbull who was violently attacking her. The 9-month-old pitbull got loose as the father Tony Burgess and his buddy ran inside the house. Later, Burgess went outside to check for his daughter Emma and discovered she was being attacked by the animal.

The 12-year-old girl was riding her bike outside her house when the pit bull sprang at her and bit her leg. Emma's father reacted quickly and began hitting the animal as it continued to attack her. The dog's owner also came to the girl's aid, punching the animal until it let her off. Emma was transported to the hospital shortly afterwards, where she required 35 stitches.

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