Chicago Mercy Hospital Shooting: 4 dead, including police officer, after gunman shoots dead ex-fiancee doctor

28-year-old police officer, Samuel Jimenez, was also killed in the shooting while he was responding to the incident.

                            Chicago Mercy Hospital Shooting: 4 dead, including police officer, after gunman shoots dead ex-fiancee doctor

A shooting incident at the Mercy Hospital in Chicago on Monday left four people dead, including an ER doctor and a police officer, after a gunman opened fire at the hospital where his ex-fiancee worked. 

Reports state that the 32-year-old gunman, identified as Juan Lopez, and his ex-fiancee, Dr Tamara O'Neal, are among the dead. 

Twenty eight-year-old officer Samuel Jimenez was also killed in the shooting while responding to the incident. Jiminez, a married father-of-three, had just completed his probationary period, according to the Daily Mail. A second woman victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, was reportedly a pharmaceutical technician at the hospital.

According to reports, O'Neal, an ER doctor at the hospital, was reporting to work just before 3:30 pm when she was confronted by Lopez in the parking lot. The duo had reportedly planned their wedding on October 27, O'Neal, however, called off the wedding in September. 


Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson, during a press conference on Monday night, said that there was a "verbal altercation" between O'Neal and Lopez. The superintendent added that a third person attempted to intervene in the altercation and appeared to be friends with "one of the individuals."

"At that time, the male individual lifted up his shirt and displayed a handgun," Johnson said. Shortly after the argument between them, the acquaintance ran inside the hospital and a 911 call was made of an assault taking place in the parking lot of the hospital. Just seconds after the initial call, another 911 call was made alerting the emergency workers of a shooting taking place on the premises.

One of the eyewitnesses of the incident, James Gray, reportedly saw Lopez and O'Neal talking to each other before the 32-year-old suddenly pulled out the gun: "The gentleman turned around and shot three times in the chest," Gray told WLS. "Once she fell to the ground, he turned around and shot her three more times."


According to the police superintendent, Lopez shot O'Neal again and also fired shots at a police car which was approaching him and then entered the hospital.

"Officers observed him with a handgun. He fired multiple shots before they could exit the squad car," Johnson said. The cops reportedly chased Lopez and also called for assistance, which was responded by Jimenez and his partner.

"When they pulled up, they heard the gunshots," Johnson said. "They did what the heroic officers always do, they ran towards the gunfire."

After noticing the officers, Lopez shot at a second police officer and continued shooting at random inside the hospital. He was soon shot in the head by a SWAT team officer and died inside the hospital.