'16 and Pregnant': Is the show airing on election day? Here's what you can expect when it returns

From the preview that played at the end of last week's episode, the next story about teenage mother Kasmonyae Harris and her pregnancy is about to be the most explosive of all the episodes that've aired from the current season

                            '16 and Pregnant': Is the show airing on election day? Here's what you can expect when it returns
Kasmonyae Harris and Nate (MTV)

'16 and Pregnant' came back to MTV as a reimagined and limited docu-series in the first week of October 2020. Four episodes from the series have already aired. The stories of teenage mothers Madisen Beith, Madison Everheart, Camryn Fields, and Rachelle Perez have already been told. Two episodes from the series are yet to air featuring Kasmonyae Harris and Kali Collette. Kasmonyae's episode is up next and the network aired a preview of the same last week at the end of Camryn's episode. Audiences were shocked by what they saw in the preview and are sure that it's going to be one of those episodes that would require some effort in order to get over it. 

The Avondale, Arizona, native and her boyfriend Nate got pregnant after a few years of dating each other and their daughter Nova Marie arrived sometime during the pandemic. As opposed to other teenage mothers on the show, details about Kasmonyae are very limited. The only information that's public about her is the name of her daughter and her boyfriend and the state she is from.

Other mothers who have appeared on the show have their social media handles on various portals, however, that's not the case with Kasmonyae. Also, it's still unclear if she and Nate are still together and are co-parenting Nova Marie. It would be interesting to know about it especially since the preview showed him being abusive and potentially dangerous, especially after he went to town destroying a car.

Details about her family or friends as well are not known at all anywhere over the Internet. After the preview for her episode aired last week, '16 and Pregnant' audiences took to Twitter to weigh in about their excitement regarding the episode. "Whew, next week is gonna be interesting. #16AndPregnant," wrote a fan. "I've been waiting to see a black girl on these shows but not in this light. excited to see her story next week though. #16andpregnant," wrote another. "I wanna see what's gonna happen to this fool next week who went apeshit on this car Tuesday, I'll be here #16AndPregnant," wrote one fan. "Lawd. I was waiting to see her but. Why tf she gotta have the potentially abusive baby daddy. #16andpregnant" wrote another fan. "Before I knew her name Kash is the episode I've been waiting for. #16andpregnant," read another tweet. 












Unfortunately, for all these fans that've been waiting for the episode, it won't be airing. MTV will instead air back to back episodes of 'Ridiculousness'. This is a smart decision by the network as everyone would be glued to the news and be following the presidential elections. The explosive episode will instead air next Tuesday, November 10. 

'16 and Pregnant' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on MTV. 

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