'16 and Pregnant': Rachelle's boyfriend Chase calls their unborn baby 'fat', miffed fans say he's an 'a**hole'

'16 and Pregnant': Rachelle's boyfriend Chase calls their unborn baby 'fat', miffed fans say he's an 'a**hole'

Los Angeles resident Rachelle Perez and her teen pregnancy was featured on '16 and Pregnant' on Tuesday night's (October 13) episode. Rachelle was having a troubled relationship with her Guatemalan parents Meryn and Marvin. Rachelle's mother herself was a teen mom and so were the rest of her siblings. Her family didn't want her to fall into the same pattern.

Growing up, she had everything that she needed to live a happy life and when she "gave up her freedom", her parents didn't take kindly to it. She got to know about the pregnancy just a month into dating her boyfriend Chase Keough. After realizing that her relationship with her parents was strained beyond measure, she moved in with her baby daddy Chase, an electrician by profession.

During the course of the episode, it was clear that he wasn't quite there for her emotionally. Whenever she spoke about being tired, he countered it by saying he doesn't understand how it could be tiring when all she was doing was carrying a baby. She was completely devastated at how she was being treated by the one person she thought she could fall back on.

She also reached out to her elder sister Iris to speak about how she was becoming depressed with the way things were going with Chase. During one point in the episode, she and Chase went in to get an ultrasound to see how their daughter looked inside the womb. After seeing the photograph, he straight up told Rachelle that the baby looked nothing like him and that it was a conversation for another day.

Upon insistence from Rachelle to speak on what he means by what he said, he reiterated the fact that the unborn baby looked nothing like him and that the baby was fat. Fans watching the show have become quite angry with his behavior.

"Is this dude f**king serious? He’s really out here throwing a tantrum because the baby looks more like her mom. Girl, RUN! #16andpregnant," wrote a viewer. "I’m watching 16 and pregnant and I want to cry for this girl her baby dad is an a**hole," wrote another.

"Did this dude really get pissed off because his baby ultrasound doesn't look like him... And then call his baby fat??? WTF #16andpregnant," wrote a user. "Is he really calling their baby girl fat already? #16andpregnant," read a tweet. "This dude on tonights #16andpregnant episode is a jerk. How is he gonna get pissed bec in an ultrasound pic the baby looks like the Mom smh Grow up! @MTV," wrote another. 










'16 and Pregnant' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on MTV.

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