14-year-old Meghan Markle's graduation speech proves she was always destined to be a Duchess

Meghan Markle's speech covers valuable life lessons she and her peers learned at Immaculate Heart Middle School in Los Angeles - while looking forward to their flourishing careers.

                            14-year-old Meghan Markle's graduation speech proves she was always destined to be a Duchess
Meghan Markle (Source:Getty Images)

Meghan Markle may have been a Royal officially for two months now, but a recent video from her middle-school graduation will prove that she was always destined to make a difference and accomplish greater things.

The exclusive video obtained by Daily Mail takes us back to 1995 when a 14-year-old Meghan can be seen making a passionate speech way beyond her tender age. Her speech covers several eminent fields including valuable life lessons she and her peers learned at Immaculate Heart Middle School in Los Angeles - while looking forward to their flourishing careers in 'politics, finance, entertainment, and education.'

Beginning with the future Duchess and her fellow classmates holding flowers while walking down the school church's aisle in a single file - the video shows Meghan all smiles and celebrating with her peers, the end of the eighth grade. Fast forward to the scene of the speech, and there appears Meghan in all her adorable teenage glory. 

Standing behind a podium at the church altar, Meghan starts by addressing her family, faculty, and friends with the sweetest, yet most confident smile. "Today we are here to celebrate our graduation and to share our appreciation for our brief time at Immaculate Heart Middle School," she says. 'Two years ago we came here as young girls — a bit frightened and overwhelmed and filled with wandering anticipation about our new school and what our future would bring. Today we are proud and more confident young women on our way to high school."

She continues expressing how thankful she and her peers are for the privilege of attending Immaculate Heart Middle School. "Today we acknowledge the women of the community and other people who keep Immaculate Heart going and growing,' she says. 'We are proud to be part of this great nation, and it will always be in our hearts and prayers. We have grown in many ways over these last two years — physically, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. The academics were a challenge, but we learned to meet the challenge, and steadily we prepared."

Next, she goes on to explain that they observed our fragile environment and developed a sense of personal responsibility to our Earth' in their science classes and also 'learned about the experience of taking compassion for those who suffer from the AIDS virus.' She then proceeds to discuss the values she earned in her middle school religion classes and credits her school for her spirituality. "Faith, hope, and respect for God and others, topics discussed during religion, helped us develop spirituality in our lives," she says.

She credits the 'numerous pop quizzes' she took in English class for teaching her to be 'organized and properly prepared' and spoke about using watercolor to paint sceneries in art class and also working up a sweat in PE. And above all, "We also learned to be organized and responsible individuals with an awareness of our moral responsibilities to our school and our community," she says adding: "which we demonstrated when we adopted first and second graders from Immaculate Conception and Inner City School."

She doesn't forget the eighth-grade retreat, where she and her classmates 'learned to better understand ourselves and our friends.' And simultaneously, "We had culture days to share, celebrate, and demonstrate our ethnic and cultural differences," she says.

"We learned about each other and made many new friends. We also had disagreements and altered relationship, but we created many new lasting bonds. Both the painful and happy times we shared here at Immaculate Heart will always be deeply valued."

Speaking upon their impending situation, she says: "Now, as we enter high school, we go with the values instilled at Immaculate Heart Middle School." And even though she mixes up her words a little in the next line, it doesn't stagger her tone of conviction. "We will graduate from college, I mean, excuse me … We will graduate from high school in 1999 and begin college in the next century taking many different paths,' she continues. "Some of us will go into politics, finance, entertainment, education, and many other fields. But no matter what field we choose, we will always carry the spirit of Immaculate Heart with us. And always and forever as women of great heart, dedicate ourselves to making it a better world."

This only brings back memories of yet another poignant video of Meghan Markle where she had discussed her feminist beliefs and them budding at the very tender age of 11. For those unaware, back in 1993, Meghan had written a letter to Proctor and Gamble, lobbying the Ivory Dishwasher Liquid manufacturer to change its sexist commercial after she had seen it in her grade school social studies class. The commercial proclaimed that 'women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans,' and Meghan's displeasure with the ad was its 'sexist' phrasing. "I don't think it is right for kids to grow up thinking that mom does everything," she has expressed to Nick News that year. Soon Proctor & Gamble responded to her claims by changing the wording of the commercial from 'women' to 'people.'

With a force as driven as hers, it's no surprise that Meghan went on to become one of the most famous alumni of the Immaculate Heart Middle School, and the school authorities also made sure to extend their heartiest wishes to her following the news of her engagement to Prince Harry.