'13 Reasons Why' Season 4: 'Terrorized' viewers say Netflix's problem child should've have ended at Season 1

Right after the final season premiered, users took to Twitter to ask: "Why is '13 Reasons Why' still a thing?"

                            '13 Reasons Why' Season 4: 'Terrorized' viewers say Netflix's problem child should've have ended at Season 1
Tony, Clay Caleb, and Ani (Netflix)

Major spoilers for season 4

Netflix's favorite and most controversial problem child '13 Reasons Why' finally dropped its fourth and final season and Twitter is far from pleased. From forced chemistry to problematic characters and shoddy endings to the few good ones - viewers have a bone or two to pick with the way the story about Hannah Baker's suicide ended with a murder cover-up. And they made their distaste very, very well known on Twitter.

The plot of season 4 kicks off with a funeral, and the jagged narrative and rampant, elaborate flashback becomes the central focus, showing up the developments leading up to the funeral. The developments include new boy Winston Williams, who wants to avenge Monty de la Cruz's death in prison, by bringing those who framed him for Bryce Walker's murder to justice. Winston's struggle sees Clay Jensen spiral, and he and his friends, who covered up one of their own - Alex Standall, killing Bryce, also bore the consequences. The whole confusing plot now has viewers tweeting: "How did 13 Reasons Why even reach season 4???? Like I'm soo confused wallahi. Why are they terrorizing us like this??"

Right when the show premiered, users on Twitter wrote: "Why is 13 Reasons Why still a thing?" Another opined: "13 Reasons Why should have ended at season 1." A third disappointed one asked: "How the f**k did 13 Reasons Why get a fourth season?" And, another chimed in adding: "Why there is another season of 13 Reasons Why? Haven't we suffer[ed] enough this year?" Another fan, who clearly enjoys the high school teen drama as a guilty pleasure, wrote: "Watch me watching season 4 of 13 Reasons Why even tho[ugh] season 3 wasn't good and the show should've ended three years ago."

Some fans even had major problems with the fate that was shown to Justin Foley - one of the only characters with development - as he fell prey to a tragic death. "I read spoilers on how they played my boy Justin and I really don't think I'm watching this season," said a fan boycotting the show. Another noted the problematic undertones of his plot, where he contracted AIDS and died, sharing: "Apparently Justin was r*ped and that’s how he got aids and died...what the f**k is this show @13ReasonsWhy you’re like the worst thing ever??" Well, guess it's not off to a good start!

'13 Reasons Why' Season 4 is now available for streaming on Netflix.