'1000-lb Sisters': Is Amy Slaton an animal abuser? How she left her dog in hot car and a Q&A exposed the truth

Youtuber and now star of the TLC show '1000-lb Sisters' Amy Slaton has amassed a huge number of fans but did you know she doesn't have a great track record as a pet mom?

                            '1000-lb Sisters': Is Amy Slaton an animal abuser? How she left her dog in hot car and a Q&A exposed the truth
(Amy Slaton's Youtube)

Season 2 of '1000-lb Sisters' has been renewed and a new season will begin airing on TLC in the first week of January. The show focuses on sisters Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton, both extremely overweight individuals and their weight loss process and progress is a huge part of the show. Their interpersonal relationships, Tammy's romantic life, Amy and her husband Michael's marriage amongst other subjects are also highlighted in the show. However, there's one part that the show has conveniently left out in its Season 1.

Amy and Tammy were famous even before they landed the TLC show. In fact, it was their fans who reached out to the network urging them to help out the sisters. They've been on YouTube for a very long time where they crack their subscribers up with their many shenanigans. A lot of day-to-day activities too were a part of the content they shared with their fans and one day they ended up sharing something that immediately turned their fans against them, especially Amy, who received the most flak for it. 

Tammy's birthday is on July 27 and to help her celebrate it last year, Amy and her husband Michael had taken her to an arcade, and also accompanying them was their dog, Little Bit. What followed after that outing was a lot of hate from the internet as people who were concerned that the sisters had left the dog in the car while they enjoyed themselves. Amy had declined those allegations but a video that Tammy shared on YouTube to give her fans an update about her birthday gave it all away. She started off thanking Amy and Michael for taking her out for food and drinks and that she was grateful for the experience and it's in this same video that she confessed that the dog was left in the hot car. She deleted the video soon after for obvious reasons, but nothing really goes away once it's on the internet, right? 

Tammy said, "I have fun, Amy had fun, she said she did. Michael did too. I hope. I feel bad for Little Bit because she sat out in a hot car while we were having fun but in the end, while we were getting something to eat, I did give Little Bit some ice water. So I thought about it at least." She also added, "Amy said I was going to give her some water.. Yeah," with an amused look on her face. A fan posted this deleted video on YouTube for everyone to see and people couldn't contain their anger. 

"She is such a liar! !!! She straight-up lied to everyone denying that they left the dog in the hot car! !!! Thanks for posting this! ! Everyone needs to see this one so they can unsub from this low life! ! Thank you," read one of the comments. "What a selfish disgusting bunch of people those three are. Poor, poor little dog. I’m surprised Little Bit is still alive!" wrote another fan. "I want to see Tammy and Amy sit in a hot car so they know how it feels. and it only takes 5 minutes for the inside temperature to reach 110 degrees," wrote another. 

We did a little digging around and also found out that this is not a one-off incident. In 2016, Amy was allegedly bitten by a German Shepherd that she owned. The dog was angry at her after she allegedly left her in a hot camper outside. Her forearm and thigh were mauled and she then took the dog to the pound. "We took the dog to the pound where he is going to be under observation. If they think that he's okay then he'll be sent to a better home." Here are a couple of comments from angry fans. "It sounds like the dog tried to get outta the camper (Can you blame him?) even knocking the AC or some s**t down, and Amy tried to hold him back and got mauled. I don't wanna sound a-loggy, but damn I'm finding myself disliking Amy more and more with every video she posts," read a comment


"I've seen dog bites, and this wasn't just a bite. This was the dog fighting her. So then the question is...the f**k was she doing to the dog? Like did he try and escape and she grabbed him, which then spooked him into fighting her? Or she's a lying sack of s**t and hadn't left any air conditioning on for the dog and left him in that roasting metal box on wheels? That would cause the dog to freak out I'm sure. The warning we all hear (at least around here) in regards to dogs and hot cars is that it only takes 15-20 minutes for the car to get 10 degrees hotter than it is outside if it's in the sun. Can't imagine what a full on trailer would be like after an hour or more," another comment read.

In the video that Amy shared, she said she'd taken steps to ensure that her camper was cool enough but fans weren't buying her explanation and were sticking to their opinion that she might have abused the animal in some way.

'1000-lb Sisters' will begin airing from Monday, January 3 at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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