10 most shocking celebrity feuds: From verbal threats to physical fights

From Cardi B throwing a shoe at Nicki Minaj, to Pusha T revealing Drake's secret child - 2018 has been a wild year in terms of celebrity feuds and the crazy doesn't stop there.

                            10 most shocking celebrity feuds: From verbal threats to physical fights

Celebrity feuds of 2018: Drake vs Pusha T

This was the beef of the year, that led to Drake's extended album 'Scorpion.' Almost a decade old, their feud first sparked off when Pusha released diss tracks on Drake, about his loyalty to Lil Wayne, and also associations with ghoswriters for his tracks. It flared up back in May when Pusha's Infrared took digs at Drake's ghostwriter speculations, following which Drake released a single alluding to money that Pusha's label owes his. This sparked off Pusha's Son of Adidon - the artwork for which showed Drake with blackface and jarred many. Not only that, the song also spoke of Drake having a secret child - which eventually turned out to be true.

Celebrity feuds of 2018: Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B

Looks like it's impossible for two queens to live in harmony because after the mutual support on social media, these two had a fallout which resulted in a full-fledged physical brawl. It started with Cardi joining hands with Remy Ma in the heat of Nicki's already existing beef with the latter. What followed was Nicki allegedly dissing her in her track 'No Flags'. It flared up later, when Nicki subtweeted about people being ungrateful, implying Cardi and Offset didn't give her due credits for the trio's song, 'MotorSport'. Then Nicki released her album 'Queen' and speculatively dissed Cardi further. And then happened the Harper's Bazaar party, where as per Cardi, Nicki passed snide comments about her daughter, which resulted in Cardi throwing a shoe at her.

Celebrity feuds of 2018: Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)

This was probably the silliest but most intense beef of the year, when Slim Shady got all hot and bothered with his diss album 'Kamikaze' where - among a slew of other rappers - MGK also took the hit for tweeting about Shady's daughter, Hailie, way back 2012, when she was just 16 and Kelly was 21. This sparked MGK's diss track on Eminem titled 'Rap Devil,' and soon followed Eminem's rebuttal in the form of a homophobic, sexist track called 'Killshot.' Things somehow died down after that, but presumably, this beef is far from over.

Celebrity feuds of 2018: Kanye's Trump love fest

Kanye West has been pro Donald trump for quite a while, but he took it to special heights this year when he sported Trump's policies a bit too passionately and thus sparked off a wave of heat and disappointment among his fans. From sporting the 'Make America Great Again' red cap to engaging in highly publicized meetings with Trump to share their common beliefs and agendas, Kanye went the extra mile and created a void between himself and his fans. The height of it all was Kanye proclaiming that 'slavery is a choice'. However, later, Kanye released a social media statement about having finally seen the light and all that latent apologetic jargon, but by the looks of it - his fans are far from supporting him any time soon.

Celebrity feuds of 2018: Taylor Swift vs Kim Kardashian West

This has probably been the most highly publicized and entertaining beef to watch over the years. Remember when Kanye cut Taylor through her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards? After that they became apparent BFFs in 2015, but when Kanye released 'Famous' the next year, she said that he had not consulted her while writing 'misogynistic' lyrics about her. Soon Kim stepped in and rubbished Taylor's claims saying that they had thoroughly discussed it over a phone call. This sparked off Taylor's 2017 album 'Reputation', where she sang about 'snakes' in her life, alluding to Kim K's 'snake day' dis at her. As of now, Taylor's 2018 'Reputation' tour has still been along the lines of the feud, using snake props and snake-inspired outfits on the tour. Creative, right?

Celebrity feuds of 2018: Azealia Banks vs Lana Del Rey

It all started when Lana decided to slam Kanye on his pro-Trump beliefs. Azealia Banks tweeted Lana was shading Kanye just to seem politically aware and challenged her to say it to Azealia's face. Lana replied, asking her to pull up any time, and thus sparked off a Twitter war where Azealia threatened Lana with a lawyer and Lana replied saying it's a promise, not a threat. It ended with Lana warning Azealia not to beef with the only person who had her back and also hinting that Azealia needed a psychiatrist.

Celebrity feuds of 2018: The Kardashians vs Caitlyn Jenner

Things went south between Caitlyn Jenner and her family of reality TV superstars after the release of her memoir in 2017, in which she spoke about the clan in a manner far from pleasing to the family. They found her words about the matriarch, Kris Jenner, extremely offensive. Their feud still seems to be continuing as the Kardashians have almost blocked Caitlyn out of their lives, barely ever inviting her over for family dinners or even birthday parties. In their eyes, all of her 'honest opinion' talk changed once she embraced womanhood.

Celebrity feuds of 2018: Lil Pump vs J. Cole

This is probably the only feud that came to a peaceful conclusion in recent times. Cole had criticized the art of mumble rap, something that Pump raps in, so the latter took to his concerts to chant horrible disses back at the other rapper, including terrible threats too. Soon after this Cole decided to be the mature one and organized a get together so the two could sit down and sort things out. It was not long before the two realized how petty their feud was and buried it to move ahead.

Celebrity feuds of 2018: Woah Vicky vs Bhad Bhabie

Two rising female rappers getting into the game around the same time and both are teenagers - the inevitable happened and the two ended up in a fight out in Los Angeles earlier this year itself. It started with Vicky proclaiming in an interview that she was much better than Bhabie (real name Danielle Bergolis) and the latter shot back with another interview where she warned Vicky to keep her name out of her mouth or she's going to get 'knocked out.' What followed was several diss tracks from both about each other and the two of them are yet to make truce.

Celebrity feuds of 2018: Piers Morgan vs Everyone (Tess Holliday, Ariana Grande, Chrissy Teigen)

2018 has been the year of Piers Morgan not being able to keep his mouth shut about topics he shouldn't talk trash about. It started with him saying plus size model Tess Holliday's weight was not worth glorifying as it's unhealthy, which sparked off a twitter war between him and the model. This was followed by him commenting on the British girlband Lil Mix's album cover-art saying they ripped it off a Dixie Chicks album and also had something to say about singer Jesy Nelson's body. This caused Ariana Grande's mother, Joan, to call him out, and he responded with similar comments about her daughter, following which the Sweetener singer shaded him too. Currently, Piers is fighting Chrissy Teigen for making fun of his uncalled for criticism on celebrities.