'Zomboat!': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about the British horror-comedy series

A zombie apocalypse has just broken out in Birmingham and sisters Jo and Kat have to survive on a canal boat with two unlikely companions

                            'Zomboat!': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about the British horror-comedy series

When you mix horror and comedy, you get the rib-tickling experience that is 'Zomboat!' — the latest  British horror-comedy show coming to our screens this year.

There are six episodes, each 30 minutes long, so let your inner binger rejoice! The story is about life, set in an apocalyptic time and how the characters have to deal with their regular life problems while managing to not be attacked by zombies.

Release date

No exact date has been confirmed as of now, but be assured it is coming out this year. Watch this space for new details.


A zombie apocalypse has just broken out in Birmingham. Sisters Jo and Kat are traveling together with unlikely companions Amar and Sunny. Jo has just moved back with her younger sister Kat, who is a total geek, an avid gamer girl and loves conspiracy theories.

Jo finds it super hard to trust Kat when she reveals that the zombie apocalypse is really happening in Birmingham. Amar is an upbeat gym buddy ready to face things as they come. His oldest pal Sunny, on the other hand, is a total wannabe loner who would rather sit out the apocalypse from the comfort of the sofa in his house.

The four find themselves trapped on board Dorothy, a narrowboat on the Grand Union canal. As their journey begins, friendships develop over due course of time, there are arguments and alliance formations, then one thing leads to the other and soon there are sparks flying between them.

They must save themselves by surviving on a canal boat. Along the way, they realize that there is no running away from problems of everyday life, even if it is in a zombie apocalypse. 


Leah Brotherhead

Leah Brotherhead (IMDB)

She is an actress known for her roles in films like 'White Gold' (2019), 'Boy meets Girl' (2016) and 'Vera' (2013). She plays the role of Kat in this series.

Cara Theobold

Cara Theobold attends the 57th Monte Carlo TV Festival Opening Ceremony on June 16, 2017, in Monte-Carlo, Monaco (Getty Images)

Cara plays the role of Jo in this series. She was previously seen in films and television shows like 'Crazyhead' (2016), 'Absentia' (2017-2019), 'Ready Player One' (2018). 

Hamza Jeetooa

Hamza Jeetooa (L) and guest arrive for The South Bank Sky Arts Awards at The Savoy Hotel on June 5, 2016, in London, England. (Getty Images)

Hamza Jeetooa plays the role of Sunny on the show. He has been in the industry for a few years now and has appeared in three other films- 'Luther' (2018), 'Doctor Who' (2018) and  'Our Girl' (2018). 

Ryan McKen

Ryan McKen  (IMDb)

He plays the role of Amar in the show. Before this, he was seen in 'Game of Thrones' where he played the role of a soldier in the Lannister's army. He has also appeared in films like 'Bancroft'  (2017-2019), 'Temple' (2019), 'The State' (2017). 


Adam Miller

Adam Miller in 'Crisis' (IMDB)

Adam has directed shows like 'Some Girls' (2012-2013), 'BBC Comedy Feeds' (2013-2016) and 'Taking the Flak' (2009) before directing 'Zomboat' (2019). 

Where to watch

Hulu will be releasing this series in the US.



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