'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Episode 6: Max's endearing love for Zoey has fans eagerly shipping the duo

Titled 'Zoey's Extraordinary Night Out', we picked up right where we left off last week and what stood out through the entire episode was Max and Zoey's chemistry

                            'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Episode 6: Max's endearing love for Zoey has fans eagerly shipping the duo
Skylar Astin as Max and Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke (Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' Season 1 is making the wait worth it as the musical dramedy entertained viewers with another episode filled with emotions, fun and laughter we might not have expected, but was everything that we surely needed. 

Titled 'Zoey's Extraordinary Night Out', we picked up right where we left off last week. And while some would have speculated that Simon and Zoey would've shared that kiss, well, they didn't.

Zoey was smart enough not to jump into that pond. But it did leave things awkward between the duo. It's not that hard to pick up from all the movies and series we've watched over the years. Falling in love with someone who is unavailable never ends well, because someone is bound to get hurt.

Zoey learned that the hard way. Jessica found out during the Engagement party that Zoey and Simon almost had a moment in her apartment the previous night after she went to bed. While Simon was giving what some might call a romantic toast to his engagement, Jessica breaks into song performing 'Say My Name' by Destiny's Child. 

Though Zoey decided not to attend the engagement party because she was going out with Joan who had just gotten divorced, the duo did end up in Simon's party, drunk! that's when all hell broke loose. 


However, what stood out through the entire episode is Max and Zoey's chemistry that has fans rooting for the duo to become an item. After Jessica kicked Zoey out of the party, after she got to know about Simon and Zoey's little late-night meet, Zoey gets a call from her mother who tells her that her dad had fallen down the stairs. 

Right then is when Zoey tries, but isn't able to get a cab, so Max decides to take her home on a scooter. And no matter what anyone has to say about the Proclaimers '500 miles', it isn't that bad a love song to yell and sing. 

Max breaks out singing '500 miles' as he hunts down a scooter for her. After dropping Zoey back home, Max and her share a brief moment before he leaves her house, just for her to see him standing in her yard, singing '500 Miles' yet again focused directly at her window. 

The love that Max has for Zoey is clearly endearing and adorable. Taking to Twitter after the episode, fans were seen shipping Zoey and Max and hoping to see them as a couple soon. Some also added that Max's performance was definitely the highlight of the day. 

"@SkylarAstin's rendition of 500 miles before the new episode of @ZoeysPlaylist today. My best friend and I couldn't handle the suspense of what was going to happen. BEST. SHOW. EVER. #ZoeysPlaylist," a fan wrote while another added, "@ZoeysPlaylist If Zoey + Max aren't end game, then what is this life!?" 


"Zoey! Pick Max! He sang 'I'm Gonna Be' for you! Simon is admittedly hot but Max is so endearing and cute... #ZoeysPlaylist," a fan said while another wrote, "Dear God, @SkylarAstin on @ZoeysPlaylist! I’m swooning with every look, every note. Every moment he's on the screen." 

"I just want to thank #ZoeysPlaylist @ZoeysPlaylist for proving what I've been saying for years: I'm Gonna Be is as much a wonderful love song as it is a great song to yell sing," a fan shared. Another added, "YASS that cover of 500 miles was so amazing! Pretty sure this episode gave me a toner. #[email protected]

'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' airs every Sunday night only on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.

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