What's it like kissing James Franco? Co-star Zoey Deutch answers, "meh"

Zoey did not have the best things to say about her 'Why Him?' co-star. The two did a lot of lip locking in the film

                            What's it like kissing James Franco? Co-star Zoey Deutch answers, "meh"
Actress/producer Zoey Deutch (Source : Getty Images)

If you have ever wondered what James Franco's kissing skills are like, Zoey Deutch has the perfect answer for you - "meh". 

The 'Dirty Grandpa' actor confirmed our worst fears on 'Watch What Happens Live' on Wednesday with Andy Cohen.  The 23-year-old was asked what it was like to kiss Franco, who she worked with in the film, 'Why Him?' She made a face and went, "Meh." So not great? "No," she confirmed, before revealing that it was not at all memorable, in fact, "very" forget-worthy.  She called the kiss, "actually not good". Andy asked her, "Zoey, how do you describe James Franco's kissing style?" He further probed, "Was it lungey? Was it too much?" to which she went, "actually...meh". He then asked her about his breath and she went "meh" at first but then replied with "actually not good." Well, that killed the mood.

The two have kissed multiple times in the movie that released in 2016.  The comedy-drama is written and directed by John Hamburg, co-written by Ian Helfer, and stars Franco, Bryan Cranston, Deutch, Megan Mullally, Griffin Gluck and Keegan-Michael Key. The plot follows Ned (Cranston) who travels to California to visit his daughter Stephanie (Zoey) at Stanford University on a holiday. An overprotective dad,  he freaks out after he meets her boyfriend Laird (Franco). Laird is super rich, but that doesn't make Ned love him. He hates his foul mouthing and his attitude. His worst fears are realized when he finds out that the two might actually get hitched. 'Why Him?' was released by 20th Century Fox and grossed $118 million worldwide.

In an earlier interview, Franco had said that it was actually inspired by Jonah Hill and Dustin Hoffman's daughter's relationship. He said, "Jonah was talking to Ben Stiller on the set of [Night at the Museum 2] and he's like, 'Oh man, I'm going to go on vacation with Dustin Hoffman. Like, I don't know him.' And it was really early in his relationship. And he was really, like, nervous about it and he'd make a bad impression or something like that. And the producer, Shawn Levy, overheard it. He's like, 'That’s a great story.'" But clearly not a great experience for Zoey.

She, however, seemed to have much better to things to say about Glen Powell, who she worked with on 'Set It Up'.  She said, "We actually shot a movie called 'Everybody Wants Some' together four years ago and on the first day we met we vowed we'd make a smart, funny, updated rom-com and we ended up doing it! I know that sounds like I made it up but I didn't and it feels really cool, it's like a wish fulfillment that this movie got made and that we got to do it together."