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Flirting secrets of women revealed! And it's all based on their Zodiac

A Taurus girl loves to maintain a status quo because she likes feeling in control of the outcome of her flirting.
UPDATED FEB 17, 2020
(Source: Getty Images)
(Source: Getty Images)

Women love flirting. It's something that comes naturally to us. Just a bat of an eye, curl of the lips, and the man is instantly hooked on to you. But that's not the way a lot of us flirt.

Some of us like to be obvious, while others love being subtle, inconspicuous, and mysterious. There are many ways to show your interest in men, but certain zodiac signs have a very specific approach to flirting with men. Let's see how you flirt according to your zodiac sign: 


Aries women are competitive and fierce. They love to conquer their loves and aren't afraid of a chase to get there. When things don't go according to plan, Aries women get very angry and petty. This can turn them into vengeful beings that are out for blood. Aries women get along great with Capricorns because they balance the feisty with their calm nature. 


A Taurus girl is subtle and under the radar when it comes to her style of flirting. A Taurus girl loves to maintain a status quo because she likes feeling in control of the outcome of her flirting. Taurus girls have high standards so when it comes to spending money, she doesn't hold back. Taurean women are often unforgiving when it comes to infidelity, but she is the best partner you can have otherwise. Cancerians and Taureans make a great couple.


Gemini women love blending into the environment. They're easy to make friends with and love an invigorating conversation. Gemini women are attracted to intelligent conversations and creative thinking. They love going for dates to a museum or exhibitions. Leos and Geminis make a great pair. 


Cancerian women are sensitive and are very close to their friends and family. They're very easily offended so talking to them is like walking on eggshells. But the unique bit about a Cancerian's personality is that she's able to empathize with you and tune into your emotions. She's very helpful and will always be ready to volunteer her time. Scorpios are the best match for the emotionally sensitive Cancerian. 


Leo girls think that the world revolves around them. They love punishing people for anything hurtful that might have been said by them. She loves punishing people and making them eat their words. If a Leo woman meets a man who is as feisty as she is, she takes it as a competition and loves to compete for the boldness and fierceness factor. Cancerians are a terrible fit for Leo women so stay away from them. 


Logic and responsibility is a Virgo girl's approach. She's got a very disciplined personality and she loves having close-knit relationships. Virgo girls are very caring and warm-hearted. Their gentle outlook makes it very easy to talk to them, even though their outer shell is a tough one to crack. Taureans are a great match for Virgo women as they're both very grounded in their approach to life.


Libran women are very in-tune with their femininity. Their obsession with finding true love is clouded by their high expectations. So trust a Libran woman to be driven by her gut feeling when it comes to a romantic relationship. Taureans are a great match for you.


Scorpio women are femme fatales when it comes to flirting. They are pros at making the guy fall for them at first glance. There's a good chance that this girl is going to be demanding and overbearing once they get into a relationship. Scorpio women work really well with Cancerians and Pisceans.


Sagittarius girls are high-risk takers and love thrill seeking. They love living on the edge and love taking chances with adventure. They don't like sticking to one person and find it easy to move on from old flames very easily. They can be kind, but it's only for a fleeting moment. Librans adore Sagittarius women just the way they are and are a good match for them because they enjoy the same amount of freedom as well. 


Empathy is very hard for a Capricorn to understand. They lack the soft skills to connect with another human being. Capricorns are very methodical in everything they do. Status is something that Capricorn women love, and they're more likely to get hitched to a businessman or a high-ranking doctor. Love is a concept that is lost on them. Scorpio men get along really well with Capricorn women.


An Aquarius girl is so brutally honest that her honesty sometimes comes off as being rude or mean. But that doesn't change the fact that she's the most loyal partner anyone can get. Aquarius women love to fight for a big cause and they never like to be in one place. Taureans are a great match for an Aquarius woman because they share a very similar personality pattern.


Piscean women are dreamers and creative artists who can easily get devoted to anything, especially their relationships. They have a sensitive nature and love making it seem like they're delicate and innocent. They're actually very devoted to their partners and it can be overbearing sometimes. Scorpios are the perfect match for a Piscean girl.

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