Who is Zilda Williams? 'Bachelor' star who had EE breast implants stuns fans with CLASSY makeover

Who is Zilda Williams? 'Bachelor' star who had EE breast implants stuns fans with CLASSY makeover
Former glamor model Zilda Williams (pictured) recently flaunted a classy makeover to her fans on social media (@zildawilliams/Instagram)

'Bachelor' star Zilda Williams is sporting a new look after undergoing a dramatic transformation and moving to New Zealand.

The former glamor model has reportedly swapped her scantily-clad ensembles for a more formal attire since she left Sydney to start a new life in New Zealand. The 39-year-old surprised her fans this week by introducing a sophisticated bob haircut after letting go of her long blonde locks. The Kiwi native had initially asked her fans and followers to vote in a poll whether she should keep her hair long or go with something shorter. The majority urged Williams to keep it long, but she defied the poll and went for a super short style. "The poll said to keep it long… So of course I did the opposite," she joked in the caption of her latest post, which appears to have been taken down at the time of publication.


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According to the Daily Mail, the former Maxim model has also upgraded her wardrobe for a much classier look. She was seen in photos donning a black knit dress with a Gucci belt and a black leather jacket. Her new style is vastly different from the low-cut frocks and busty bikinis she used to wear around Bondi and the Gold Coast. It's worth noting that Williams has drastically reduced her social media activity after relocating from Sydney to New Zealand in order to start a new life away from the limelight and paparazzi.


The blonde bombshell had a brief stint in MMA and was spotted with Zealand-based UFC champion Israel Adesanya on several occasions. She later took up an accounts manager job at a major company. During her modeling career, Williams was featured in major fashion magazines such as FHM, Maxim, and Zoo. She also appeared in a series of commercials for brands such as Lynx and Foxtel. The former glamor model was a fixture in Sydney's social scene at the height of her fame, often being targeted by local paparazzi. What's more? She was also linked to multiple big-time celebrities, including Firass Dirani and Shane Warne.


Williams is best known for appearing on Sam Wood's season of 'The Bachelor' back in 2015. Aside from her TV career, she was also known for her FF breast implants, which she downsized to DDs but they ballooned back to EEs after she gained weight. "My back pain is unbearable and I can't find many clothes that fit the rest of my body," the model said in 2015, prior to her first breast reduction. She also revealed at the time that while she was a size 8, her massive bust forced her to purchase size 12 clothes which she would alter to fit her body. 


Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Williams confessed that she suffered some "complications" from her breast reduction surgery. "I actually had some complications that I didn't even tell anyone about in the beginning," she told the newspaper in 2016. "And I kept that to myself because it was a private battle so it's been a really long road, but it's all good now." While she didn't specify what the exact problem was, she said it was "very common but it was quite serious and it was a real battle.

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