'ZeroZeroZero' Episode 7 sees Chris make a tough sacrificial choice to save his sister and the family business

'ZeroZeroZero' Episode 7 sees Chris make a tough sacrificial choice to save his sister and the family business
Emma and Chris Lynwood (Amazon Prime Video)

Spoilers ahead for 'ZeroZeroZero' Episode 7

The war between Don Minu and the Curtiga's takes a turn for the worse after Italo Curtiga's son Nicola is killed by Don Minu. Stefano, who was planning a coup against Don Minu, his grandfather, is forced to comply with his grandfather if at all he hopes to stay alive for his son, unlike his own father who was killed by Don Minu. Stefano had conceded and when Curtiga's men had come in search of him to rescue him and kill his grandfather, he decides to take Don Minu's side. He saved Don Minu, shot himself in the hopes of redirecting Curtiga. His plans, however, fall through when Curtiga's man who treats the gunshot wound finds out the truth. He gathers that Stefano's wound was self-inflicted and this ends up making Stefano a target of the Curtiga men as well in 'ZeroZeroZero' Episode 7. 

Before he is caught, Stefano warns his wife and tells her to go to Don Minu and do everything he says. When Lucia reaches out and makes contact, however, she is instead picked up by the Bellantone family, men who turn out to be on Curtiga's payroll who use Lucia and Stefano's son Mico to blackmail him into doing what he is told. In return for the safety of his wife and son, Stefano promises to tell Curtiga how to track the cargo that is being transported by Chris and Emma Lynwood.

Stefano is also aware of the fact that the ship did not drown as planned. Chris and Emma have, of course, rerouted the transportation of the shipment through Casablanca now. So it is going to take smarts to trace them and free them of the shipment. Stefano takes Curtiga to Casablanca and uses one of his contacts to track down someone who is aware of Emma and Chris' location and they end up using Amina, who is the fixer's daughter. When the Italians land up at Chris and Emma's door along with Amina, Chris is shocked and that's when we see the narrative switch to his perspective.


After a traumatic journey from Mexico to Casablanca where Chris faced being abandoned by his entire crew in a ship that was failing, ended up in Senegal and smuggled the shipment through Mali where he and Emma were captured by a Jihadi group, Chris finally gets a chance to calm down and in Amina's company, he does for just a little bit before his disease -- muscle spasm -- reminds him of why he can't be with Amina. To find the girl that he had fallen for on sight at his door with the Italians holding her is not what he expected. Emma is already at the port to ensure that the shipment with the cocaine is loaded right and leaves on time.

Now that Stefano has Chris in his custody, he believes that they can find where the cargo is. Chris, however, misdirects them in the hope of stalling them until the ship sails. He is already dying and so Chris doesn't have any second thoughts about the consequences of the choice he has made. In fact, he seems to be proud of how he led Stefano and Curtiga away from the shipment. He is beaten bloody by Stefano who is under extreme pressure because he will lose his family if things go wrong.

Chris has nothing to lose at this point, and if he were to die now, his last act would be for the sake of his sister and the family business that his father treasured so much. As the show races towards the end of the season, it has become clear that the fates of many lives hang upon the shipment being delivered to Don Minu. Curtiga, who understands this, tells Stefano that he must now kill Don Minu for the sake of his wife and son. Chris, on the other hand, is left behind bloodied and probably dead. Will Don Minu successfully receive the shipment through Emma and save Stefano's family or will Stefano kill his grandfather to take control of the shipment from Emma?

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