'ZeroZeroZero' Episode 3 sees how betrayal influences Stefano's life and leaves Chris abandoned at sea

'ZeroZeroZero' Episode 3 sees how betrayal influences Stefano's life and leaves Chris abandoned at sea
Stefano and Don Minu in 'ZeroZeroZero'. (Amazon Prime Video)

Surrounded by betrayal on all sides, Chris is now a lone man steering a ship with failed engines and this moment of being betrayed by one of the most trusted employees, the Captain of the ship, marks the pivotal scene of episode 3 of 'ZeroZeroZero'. This moment unfolds from two different perspectives -- that of Chris and the Captain of the ship who escaped with everyone else on board leaving Chris locked in one of the cabins after striking him unconscious.

One of the reasons Emma, Chris' sister put him in charge of this vessel was because there was no one else who knew their ports, and the ships the way he did. She trusted him to do his best and it is this trait which leads him to find out something suspicious that takes place on the ship. Certain parts in the oil room are being intentionally loosened to result in oil spillage and this would lead to an engine fire when the ship traverses through rough waters. On one of his visits to the oil room, Chris finds this out and takes his suspicions to the captain who brushes it off under the guise of paranoia.

A still of Chris Lynwood and the captain of the ship in 'ZeroZeroZero'. (Amazon Prime Video)

Chris doesn't give up. He instead gathers evidence of one of the crew members intentionally loosening the parts on camera and again approaches the Captain not realizing that the man who ordered this to be done was the Captain himself. All trusting in the Captain did for Chris, was to leave him alone on a ship with damaged engines in the middle of the sea. What caused the Captain to betray Emma and Chris in such a horrific manner? That is the other narrative of the episode and within this, we also learn how Stefano's grandfather Don Minu dealt with betrayal.

The reason Stefano made a move against the Lynwoods and hired the Captain of the ship to sabotage them was for the consignment from Mexico. He wanted to get to the consignment first in an attempt to upstage his grandfather. He wants revenge because his grandfather killed his father and he hopes that this attempt would make him successful. He was, however, wrong. His grandfather is a lot more perceptive than Stefano gives him credit for. This is how Stefano finds himself facing his grandfather who seems to have uncovered all of Stefano's plans. 


The old man gives Stefano no choice, and tells him that if all Stefano requires is revenge, then war is what he will get at his doorstep. A war that will leave Stefano's child fatherless, just as he was left without a father in the past. Stefano is forced to watch his best friend Nicola get burned alive for helping him in plotting against Don Minu. All of this is done to punish Stefano for trying to upend the order of 'Ndrangheta. With no other option, Stefano ends up saving his grandfather from Nicola's father when he arrives to exact revenge of his own and plays the entire incident differently. He even ends up shooting himself to convince Nicola's father too. 

So how will things work out now for Stefano and Chris? We will see that unfold in the upcoming episodes. 'ZeroZeroZero' episodes can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video from March 6. 

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