Zazie Beetz and Vince Vaughn are latest to join the cast of political thriller 'Against All Enemies'

The plot revolves around an FBI agent who investigates actress Jean Seberg in the 1960s civil rights movement in Los Angeles

                            Zazie Beetz and Vince Vaughn are latest to join the cast of political thriller 'Against All Enemies'
Zazie Beetz and Vince Vaughn (Source : Getty Images)

Breakout star from the hit TV show Atlanta, Zazie Beetz, along with actor Vince Vaughn are the latest to join Kristen Stewart in the new political thriller by Benedict Andrews, 'Against All Enemies.' 

The thriller will star Stewart as Jean Seberg and Vaughn will play the role of Carl Kowalski who is an FBI agent in charge of an investigation into discrediting Seberg using the agency's Cointelpro program.

This was done because she was an active supporter of the Black Panther Party. The FBI agent's obsession with Seberg led to the agency making up a story in 1970 that the child that Seberg was pregnant with was not her husband's but actually the unborn child of one of the Black Panther Party members.

Automatik Entertainment is on board to produce the film along with Fred Berger of 'La La Land' fame, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Kate Garwood, and Stephen Hopkins, who will all also produce.

The screenplay for the film has been written by Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse. The plot follows Vaughn's character who has been assigned to look into the actress Seberg after she got caught un the civil rights movement that took place in Los Angeles in the 1960s.

The recent projects that Vaughn has acted in include Brawl in Cell Block 99 which is a crime thriller and the film Fighting With My Family alonside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He is represented by WME.

Zazie Beetz had her breakout role in the award-winning FX series by Donald Glover, Atlanta. She will be seen later this moth in the Deadpool sequel and just recently finished filming her role in Steven Soderbergh's latest film, High Flying Birds. Beetz is represented by Gersh.