Who is Zayn Malik's sister Waliyha? Singer misses younger sibling's wedding to ex-convict Junaid Khan

The 22-year-old got married to the former jailbird, 24, despite family objections

                            Who is Zayn Malik's sister Waliyha? Singer misses younger sibling's wedding to ex-convict Junaid Khan
Zayn Malik (Getty Images), Waliyha (waliyha.azad/Instagram)

Singer Zayn Malik reportedly missed sister Waliyha’s wedding. The 22-year-old got married to ex-convict Junaid Khan, 24, despite family objections, reports The Sun. Even their father Yasser was not seen. Waliyha was seen coming out with her mother Trisha in front of friends and family at the ceremony, which took place in a relative’s back garden.

Party planners equipped with a van-full of pink, gold and white balloons arrived at the venue shortly after 9 am. They were followed by the caterers, and then around 1 pm, bride Waliyha walked out with her mother. While she was seen chatting on her phone, her mother held her dress to prevent it from dragging on the pavement. According to Daily Mail, Waliyha's bridal outfit was a gorgeous dress embellished with sequins, a delicate veil and statement pieces of gold jewellery. As for her makeup, she chose a high-glamour make-up palette and a slick of nude lipstick for her 'Nikkah'. The report states that the wedding is believed to have taken place in Bradford.

Meanwhile, Zayn and Gigi have been living in Pennsylvania amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Gigi commented on a photo put up by Waliyha on Instagram. She said, “Wish I could be there. So happy for u. Big love x.” Waliyha shared a series of photos on Instagram. She captioned, “Best days with the best people. I honestly don’t think I could have had a more beautiful one. I can’t believe we are officially married.” Waliyha's attire featured a pink embroidered maxi-skirt and a vibrant top, which she teamed with a patterned sash.

As reported by Marie Claire, Zayn’s younger sibling Waliyha often works with her older sister Doniya as a makeup artist. Waliyha seemed to be close to Zayn, as they were photographed together during the traditional Muslim celebration, Eid, alongside their mother Tricia and Gigi herself. A 2018, Daily Mail report had stated that Waliyha had landed a modelling campaign promoting travel cards for a West Yorkshire bus firm. She had become the face of Metro’s 19-25 card which allows unlimited travel on trains and buses in the area for a monthly fee at that time. The report also claims that she had appeared in One Direction's 2013 music video for ‘Story of My Life’. Reportedly, Trisha had even opened her own beauty salon, called Waliyha Beauty, with the help of her daughters.  

The groom, as reported by The Sun, was jailed for five years in 2017 for an alleged carjacking on the driveway of an elderly woman. A source told The Sun: “No one is happy about her marrying him after what he did. He’s a thug. This isn’t in his past — he’s only just got out of prison.” In 2017 Khan and accomplice Adam Takolia, 20, followed Seat Leon Cupra to her home in Skipton. The pair jumped out wearing balaclavas and threatened her with a screwdriver. Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said: “You targeted a vulnerable lady on her own. At her home, in her drive alone and you ­carried out your planned expedition with a degree of skill that is chilling. And you have shown no remorse, not one iota.”

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