Is Zayn Malik dropping new music? Fans convinced after singer puts up selfie, changes profile picture on Insta

The singer's last album was 2018's 'Icarus Falls', which sadly didn't perform too well commercially

                            Is Zayn Malik dropping new music? Fans convinced after singer puts up selfie, changes profile picture on Insta
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Zayn Malik has the internet in a frenzy thanks to a sudden surge in activity on his Instagram, namely a change in his profile picture as well as the archiving of several posts. And as several fans ask, "WHAT IS GOING ON," some are beginning to wonder if the singer is hinting at some new music.

Malik has been woefully silent in recent weeks, despite it being the tenth anniversary of his former group One Direction. While all his ex-bandmates took to social media to share some heartwarming posts about the journey they have been on over the last ten years, with each member making sure to tag Malik in their posts, the singer remained silent and stayed out of the celebrations.

However, one week after the festivities, the singer returned to Instagram to post a selfie on July 31. Fans, naturally, were ecstatic at the chance to glimpse the singer's face. But some fans began to show concern, with one comment under the picture reading, “Um zayn? Are you okay it looks like your crying.” Some fans instantly took to Twitter and said they can't get over.



The selfie was welcomed by fans for many reasons, including it being rare for Malik to post selfies at all as well as the fact that his recent silence led some fans to believe he was about to delete his social media profiles. His selfie was enough to put those worries to rest, and for some fans, it also provided a bit of a laugh as they found the odd framing and angle and hyper close-up shot of Malik to be rather comical.


Thankfully, there was more than one photo of Malik to keep fans thirsting. In addition to his own selfie, Malik's girlfriend and model Gigi Hadid also shared an image of an intimate moment between the two, captioned 'Baby Daddy'. The couple, affectionately nicknamed 'Zigi' by fans, are expecting their first child together. 


Selfies aside, it was another change that fans found interesting: Malik also updated his profile photo, in addition to making a few other tweaks to his account and liking a few fan comments. And the activity on his profile has people wondering what to expect next from the singer, with some already predicting he's about to drop new music with some fans asking under the selfie, "ZAYN OMG IS A NEW ERA COMING?!!!"




Fans were soon swarming the selfie with comments like "Can’t wait for you to drop new music!" and "Drop the album king," indicating the Malik fandom is pretty much convinced he is going to hit them with a new sound pretty soon. Malik's last album was 2018's 'Icarus Falls', which, sadly, didn't do nearly as well as many expected, especially in comparison to his solo debut release, 2016's 'Mind of Mine'.

It was, therefore, expected the singer would take a break before coming back with new material. Additionally, the singer is a soon-to-be father, so it is quite likely he will choose to spend his time with his growing family. But if there was ever a time for Malik to make a comeback, it would probably be now when he has a whole lot to talk about, from life-changing events to big anniversaries and beyond.

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