Zac Efron and new girlfriend Vanessa Valladares have heated argument at cafe: 'There was a bit of tension'

Zac Efron and new girlfriend Vanessa Valladares have heated argument at cafe: 'There was a bit of tension'
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Recent reports have detailed how Zac Efron is enjoying his new relationship in Australia with Vanessa Valladares. The 'High School Musical' star also made his relationship with the Australian waitress and model ‘official’ on September 4 when the pair was seen holding hands for the first time following months of speculations. Despite the newness of their romance, a source has hinted at troubles in their relationship. The source said the couple was heard having a tense conversation about their future together - mainly because Efron will soon have to return to the US due to work commitments, but for Valladares, it may not be possible to go along with him because of the strict travel restrictions amid Covid-19 pandemic.

“They were first talking about how they enjoyed their trip to Thredbo. Zac then mentioned having to travel back to America eventually for work commitments, although he wasn't sure when he would have to go back. It sounded like there was a little bit of stress and tension between them over the fact that his girlfriend may not be able to go with him due to the strict border rules,” the onlooker told Daily Mail, 

According to reports, the 32-year-old has to finish two movies, one of which is a remake of the classic comedy ‘Three Men and a Baby’ for Disney+. “They mentioned that once Zac leaves he won't be allowed back into Australia because he's not a citizen, but his girlfriend also isn't allowed to travel to America so they'd effectively be separated until Covid-19 restrictions are eased. They also seemed to be a little bit worried by the number of Covid cases in America compared to Australia,” the onlooker added.

Earlier, it was reported that Efron and Valladares found something special in each other after the 25-year-old aspiring model’s boss introduced the two in July. “They were introduced by her boss. Lucky girl!” a source told Who magazine.

While another source told PEOPLE that Efron and Valladares “are having fun”. “Zac met Ness earlier in the summer. They started hanging out in July and recently took a ski trip together. You can tell that they are having fun. She spends a lot of time at this house."

MEA WorldWide previously reported how the ‘High School Musical’ star’s ex-flame Vanessa Hudgens' name trended on Twitter after he was spotted with Valladares. Since both of the women share the same first name, a number of people assumed that Efron and Hudgens were back together. The confusion led to a lot of hilarious reactions on social media, with one writing: “The way my brain read Vanessa Hudgens and ran with it." “Thought it said vanessa hudgens and the 12 year old in me started screaming,” said a fan of the ex-couple.

“My heart jumped, i was going to be hyped because i thought it said vanessa hudgens but then i read it again- i’ve been bamboozled,” tweeted another user. “Me reading it as Vanessa Hudgens and being confused who's the lady in the picture,” added another fan.

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 Zac Efron and new girlfriend Vanessa Valladares relationship already in danger, says source