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YouTubers Steven 'Boogie2988' Williams and Frank Hassle feud: Was a gun involved? Here's what really happened

According to a news report, the incident came after a harassment campaign was started by Hassle against Williams
Steven 'Boogie2988"' Williams (Youtube)
Steven 'Boogie2988"' Williams (Youtube)

YouTubers' fights these days are nothing new, but things could always take an uglier turn. As per recent reports, YouTubers Steven "Boogie2988" Williams and Frank Hassle were involved in a bitter fight after Hassle showed up at Williams's house, resulting in Williams firing a "warning shot" at Hassle, according to images, audio and footage of the incident now being circulated online.

According to a news report by Games Rant, the incident came after a harassment campaign was started by Hassle against Williams. Recordings from the incident show Hassle arriving at Williams's doorstep, during which the two engaged in a fiery argument. Williams, who is holding a gun throughout the encounter, warns Hassle to leave the property before firing a warning shot at Hassle. Hassle can be heard laughing during the incident, asking "Are you going to shoot me in your doorway?" The encounter continues after Williams fired the warning shot, with Williams continuously asking Hassle to leave. Eventually, Hassle left the property and the police was called.

Since the incident took place, Dramalert YouTuber Keemstar has also become involved in the matter as he released a video featuring footage of the incident and a "debate" between Williams and Hassle, as well as audio and footage from both sides of the confrontation. "My personal assessment is that @FrankHassleYT is trolling the hell out of @Boogie2988 to the point boogie is mentally unhinged. Yes Frank has threatened Boogie but now Boogie has threatened him back. Frank has NOT went to Boogie’s house. Yet Interview @storyfireapp tomorrow!" He further tweeted, "If anything else happens with @Boogie2988 & @FrankHassleYT I may have to drop the interview I filmed with them last night to give important context of this story to the public.... Of course I will only do that if I get permission from both to do so."



Soon Williams tweeted and said, "Ok so I have to be careful what I say as this is now a criminal investigation. But I wanted to try to drive home the point that THIS IS NOT OK. do NOT come to a youtuber's house uninvited. do NOT make threats. Someone could have died."


According to Games Rant, this incendiary meeting resulted in a mixture of vitriol, memes, and confused reactions from fans of the two. Williams is best known for his character Francis, who is portrayed as a Mountain Dew addict with anger issues, which has fueled a number of befuddled reactions from all corners of the Internet. Williams suffers from mental health and anxiety disorders, topics he has been open about on his channel in the past.

One of the most recent updates came after Williams handed over the footage to police and stated that it is now up to them to decide what happens next. Social media guidelines already seem to prohibit parts of the footage being uploaded, but both parties recorded what happened, including footage from Williams's video doorbell. That, coupled with the history of the pair's exchanges on Twitter and other platforms, will likely be key to the investigations.

In a series of tweets Williams wrote, "I'm tired of being the victim. I'm tired of people victimizing me. I'm not very good at fighting back, but I'm gonna try. NO ONE deserves this level of harassment. Not even me. I didn't take down franks channel. I didn't take down the subreddit. But now I wish I did," soon after tweeting this Williams also released a video where he said that Frank has been harassing him for a while now, by calling him a "pedophile" and also that he harassed women and friends he knows.



While Hassle tweeted, "I took the gun and made him suck it like a d**k while the whole neighborhood watched"