18-year-old YouTuber 'McSkillet' killed in high-speed car crash; mum and daughter in the other vehicle also killed

Trevor “McSkillet” Heitmann reportedly smashed through a local school fence before driving over 100mph on the wrong side of the freeway in San Diego, taking 2 other lives with him.

                            18-year-old YouTuber 'McSkillet' killed in high-speed car crash; mum and daughter in the other vehicle also killed

Trevor “McSkillet” Heitmann, a popular 'CS:Go' player and YouTuber, was killed following a multi-car collision that occurred just outside of San Diego on Thursday afternoon, and which also claimed the life of a mother and her 12-year-old daughter.

The crash occurred on a freeway in San Diego shortly after 4:30 pm local time on Thursday, The Mirror reports. Eighteen-year-old Heitmann's 2014 McLaren 650s, reportedly traveling at more than 100 mph in the wrong direction, collided with a Hyundai SUV, killing its driver, a 43-year-old woman, and its passenger, a 12-year-old girl. The Medical Examiner’s Office said on Friday that the two deceased are Aileen Pizarro, 43, and her daughter Aryana, 12. Eight other people were reportedly injured. 

As Mirror reports, a spokesperson for the San Diego County Department of Public Safety confirmed the driver involved in the crash was Heitmann. Two people on Twitter claiming to be close friends of Heitmann tweeted about his death prior to the official statement.

“This isn’t a hoax,” one friend, who goes by shnaxler, tweeted. “He was my best friend in real life and I’ve been dealing with this pain for the past two hours. Everyone please spread love and support, he was battling an incredible rough time and we need to show support. RIP to @OG_McSkillet. You truly were my best friend and biggest inspiration in life. I know you were dealing with an incredibly hard time but I know heaven will treat you well. I love you so much. Thank you for all the amazing times.”

“Hasn’t been [confirmed] anywhere but he’s dead,” said another friend, who goes by exqu1ty. “He was my friend since we both live in SoCal and we met through a mutual who knew him growing up. Will not release details of his death, but he is dead.”

Eight vehicles in total were involved in the collision, according to California Highway Patrol. The McLaren can be seen charred and destroyed in news footage, apparently engulfing in flames as a result of the impact. Witnesses told police that about a half an hour earlier the black McLaren smashed through a fence at a local elementary school and drove away at high speed.

'McSkillet' showed off the vehicle involved in the crash to his audience in a December 2017 YouTube video, which you can watch below:

Heitmann was best known for owning a popular 'CS:GO' trading site, CSGO Magic, and for participating in CS:GO’s skin trading community. He was known as the “king of skins” to other 'CS:GO' YouTube creators. Many of his videos focused on skin trading. In June, Heitmann received a trade ban from Valve, meaning he could no longer trade any of the items and weapons he kept in his inventory. Heitmann’s presence on YouTube had dwindled over the past year. The last video he uploaded was five months ago.