Shane Dawson rolls his eyes as Tati Westbrook recalls sexual assault, Internet is disgusted by his audacity

Fans labeled Shane Dawson as a 'sociopath' after watching his reaction to Tati Westbrook's video of her opening up about her sexual abuse

                            Shane Dawson rolls his eyes as Tati Westbrook recalls sexual assault, Internet is disgusted by his audacity
Shane Dawson and Tati Westbrook (Getty Images)

The YouTube beauty gurus can give most reality stars a run for their money, considering the amount of drama they create. The Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star feud was reignited after Tati posted a new video.

On Tuesday, June 30, Tati took to her YouTube channel to post a long video detailing her experience as a survivor of assault, while also touching upon how she was manipulated by Shane and Jeffree into thinking James Charles was a bad guy. Tati's video was filled with a lot of positive and supportive comments from her fans, who appreciated and encouraged the beauty guru for taking such a firm stance against Shane and Jeffree. As soon as Shane got wind of Tati's video, he went on Instagram live to clear his name but instead ended up making a fool of himself. In the live video, we see Shane's over-the-top reaction to Tati's allegations of abuse. He called her a "manipulator" and rolled his eyes as Tati broke down while recounting her painful past.

Fans were beyond furious with Shane for his insensitive and inappropriate reaction to Tati opening up about something so sensitive and personal. A fan tweeted, "He has no right to call Tati manipulative for bringing up her experiences if HE does the same thing in his apology video. And his eye roll--I've been done with Shane but this just cements it for me." Another fan wrote, "Wow Shane rolled his eyes when Tati talked about being abused? Who’s the sociopath now." "I don’t tap into yt drama but the fact that shane’s instinctive response to tati bringing up being a victim of assault is an eyeroll says a lot imo," expressed a fan. 

Willow Smith attends the Environmental Media Association 2nd Annual Honors Benefit Gala at Private Residence on September 28, 2019 in Pacific Palisades, California. (Getty Images)

Fans also found it interesting that Shane immediately responded to Tati's video but chose to stay mum when he was called out by Jada and Jaden Smith. A video of Shane pretending to masturbate to 11-year-old Willow Smith's picture resurfaced on the internet. Jada and Jaden slammed the YouTuber for his offensive behavior and called him out. Since then Shane has neither issued an apology or statement about it.

A fan commented, "How Shane Dawson gonna lose his f***ing balls to tati’s video but completely ignore Jada and Jaden Smith after they called him out on sexualising Willow smith when she was 11." Another fan expressed, "Whew chile the fact that Shane has the balls to stand up to Tati, and not say anything to Jada. Levels baby, speaking levels about his character."

"So shane dawson has the time to go on insta live and react to tati’s video to act like the victim plus eyeroll saying she is an abuse victim.while shane dawson is being silent of his pedophilic behavior and him making fun of Trayvon Martin’s death. shane just leave the internet," demanded a fan.

Another fan pointed out, "The fact that Shane Dawson has the f***ing AUDACITY to roll his eyes on livestream while Tati shares her sexual abuse story while he keeps quiet about Jaden Smith and Jada Smith call him out on his pedophilia DISGUSTS ME. YOUR CANCELLED HONEY BYEEEE... #shanedawson #tati #metoo." "The fact that Shane had the audacity to invalidate Tati’s sexual assault by rolling his eyes on livestream while he kept quiet when Jaden Smith and Jada smith called him out for his words," echoed a fan.

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