Engaged and going to have a baby - Youtube star Colleen Ballinger makes an emotional announcement!

And although Ballinger claims that she “couldn’t be happier” about being a mother, her pregnant journey hasn't been that great lately

                            Engaged and going to have a baby - Youtube star Colleen Ballinger makes an emotional announcement!
Colleen Ballinger (Getty Images)

Colleen Ballinger, the quirky youtube star renowned for her popular character Miranda Sings, recently announced that she's engaged to be married to boyfriend Erik Stocklin. But that's not all! The comedian is also pregnant with her first child - due this New Year's Eve.

The 31-year-old shared her happy news with her millions of followers from around the world on Friday about her double-whammy with an emotional announcement through her YouTube channel, in her very own YouTube video that she solely dedicated to her engagement and pregnancy news.

“We’re so, so excited,” said the 13-weeks pregnant comedian in an interview with People Magazine. “We’re so in love and can’t wait to meet this kid. It’s just all happening at once; a lot of exciting things coming quickly, which is awesome. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

Ballinger, who can't seem to contain her excitement about this new phase of her life - being a mother - says her pregnancy hasn't been that great lately. “It’s been so miserable,” Ballinger admitted, laughing. She said, “I feel like people don’t talk enough about how hard it is. I had no idea.”

“I’ve been very, very sick - just grumpy and moody,” she explained, adding that she’s suffering from “morning sickness” all day. “I’m due New Year’s Day, but I’m hoping it comes this year rather than next. I already feel like I’ve been pregnant for seven years!”

Even Colleen's mother, can't be of much help, as she says her own pregnancy (with Colleen) wasn't as troublesome as her daughter's. “When I told her, she had the best reaction - screaming and kissing my stomach. It was very sweet,” Ballinger recalled. “But she told me, ‘Oh it’s wonderful, it’s amazing, I didn’t have morning sickness, it’s going to be so easy, you’re going to love it.’"

She said, “And then I’ll call her and be like, ‘Mom, I’m so sick, I have these symptoms.’ And she’ll be like, ‘Oh yeah … I did get really sick too, that is true, I had that too.’ … She set me up for failure!”

But that hasn't stopped her from learning new things about pregnancy and being a mom. The comedian has been learning a lot about the foods she is craving and the fact that it is all about what she can tolerate, rather than what she wants to eat.

“I thought cravings were like, ‘This sounds so delicious,’ ” she said. “But what it really is, ‘Everything makes me want to throw up. I need to wrack my brain for any food that won’t do that. What about a sandwich? No, gross. What about Mexican food? No, gross. In-N-Out? Yes. That’s the only thing I can eat without vomiting right now.’ So cravings are more like, ‘What won’t make me throw up.’ Not so much like, ‘I want this.’”

“I have a whole new perspective on pregnancy and motherhood now that I’m experiencing it,” Ballinger continued. “Just because it’s so hard and so confusing and so exciting. Women are so amazing that their bodies can do this and that they’re strong enough to do this. I can’t believe almost every woman goes through this because it’s so hard.”

But Ballinger is quite grateful to have someone like Stocklin beside her, giving her all the help and care that she needs in her present condition. “Erik’s so wonderful,” she said. “I’ve never been treated so amazingly. He treats me like a princess, especially through this pregnancy. Every morning he brings me breakfast in bed and he brings me my vitamins. He gives me shoulder rubs every night. And brings me presents. He is my biggest cheerleader and just the best partner in the world. I feel lucky.”

Speaking about how the couple found out about their pregnancy, it's more of a film scene than anything. Ballinger revealed that the couple was watching 'The Handmaid‘s Tale' when suddenly Ballinger decided to try her luck and take a pregnancy test to see if she was pregnant. And when the test came back with a faint positive, the couple couldn't believe their luck.

“I didn’t believe it,” she recalled. “I was so in shock. I probably peed on 40 sticks because I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms yet. I actually told my best friend first to get him to look at one to tell me if I was losing my mind. But there it was.” She told Stocklin soon thereafter, though he guessed before she got it out. “Later, on the beach, he told me, ‘I just knew the way you were looking at me,’ ” Ballinger explained. “He was so, so excited and had the best reaction.”

As for their engagement, well, that also was a surprise that came out of nowhere.  “He’d been planning it for so long and we’ve been talking for so long about getting married and having kids, but then this happened first,” Ballinger said. “He was like, ‘I don’t want you to think that I did this for any other reason other than that I love you so much.’ It was so sweet.”

Ballinger and Stocklin first met when they starred together in the two-season 2016 'Miranda Sings' Netflix series 'Haters Back Off', where Stocklin played not only Ballinger's best friend but also her love interest and went by the name of Patrick.

The couple went public with their romance earlier this month, but both of them prefer to keep their relationship as private as possible. This will be Ballinger's second marriage since she was previously wedded to fellow YouTuber Joshua Evans but eventually split in 2016. However, what's interesting is that even Evans announced his engagement with a woman named Pamela this month, so we're hoping this doesn't turn into a battle of the 'exes'!