‘Your Honor’ Episode 7 Spoilers: What did Django spit out? Michael may be convicted not for one but two crimes

With all the DNA and fingerprint evidence, it seems Michael will soon be behind bars not just for Adam's crime but for the murder of his blackmailer too

                            ‘Your Honor’ Episode 7 Spoilers: What did Django spit out? Michael may be convicted not for one but two crimes
Michael, Adam and their dog Django in a still from ‘Your Honor’ (Showtime)

What started with a hit-and-run case has gotten way too complicated and contrived. Showtime's ‘Your Honor’ presents a complex tale where Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) must save his son Adam Desiato (Hunter Doohan) after he kills Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg) and his wife Gina Baxter’s (Hope Davis) son Rocco Baxter (Benjamin Wadsworth). 

The seventh episode begins right where the sixth one ended. In ‘Part Seven’, Michael and Frankie (Tony Curran) drown the dead body of the man who was blackmailing the judge with Adam's video. Michael's fingerprints are all the body as it is thrown onto a boat and off into the water. Meanwhile, Jimmy rushes home to save his son, Carlo Baxter (Jimi Stanton) from getting arrested. 

Detective Nancy Costello (Amy Landecker) comes to take Carlo and put him behind bars as his mother Gina sternly asks her name. Looking at all the commotion, Fia Baxter (Lilli Kay) is taken aback and she seeks solace in Adam's arms. “They are saying he killed someone on the day of Rocco's funeral. The wrong brother died. How could I feel something Like that,” she tells him. 

Nancy Costello (Showtime)

When Carlo is taken into custody, Costello plays with his mind and tells him, “This is a death penalty case. The evidence is strong. 15% chance of winning if you fight it. It takes balls. Confessing early. Most men can't do it,” adding, “I saw it myself. Execution teams. Getting the needing in there can be real hard. Unimaginable agony. I don't want it for anyone.” She is interrupted as we find out that his lawyer is there. 

Lo and behold. Guess who is the lawyer against Carlo Baxter? Maura Tierney enters in the role of Fiona McKee and stumps everyone. 

Maura Tierney as Fiona McKee (Showtime)

Perhaps, one of the best moments in the episode is when Jimmy and Michael come face-to-face. Jimmy asks him how old his son is. “Does he love you? Respect you? And you told him what kind of a man his father really is?” he asks, and Michael snaps back, “Have you told them? About the Gas leak on Flood Street? Have you told them the ages of their children and their names?”

Not one to let it go, Jimmy threatens Michael saying, “You know what losing a child gives you? Terrible, visceral pain... And a kind of freedom. Nothing matters.” He tells Michael he will cut his “hard heart out and feed it to the river”. 

Before getting back home, Michael wipes off the blood on the floor. He is disheveled and distraught. When Adam asks him what happened to his face, he lies and tells him he was playing with Django and caught his paws. As he's standing in the kitchen, the dog tugs at his feet and a piece of the blackmailer's brain falls off.

Coincidentally, Adam lands in the room right then and asks what the piece of flesh is. “It's offal. The parts that we don't eat,” Michael says and Adam asks, “Like a heart. What's white? The brain?” before feeding it to the dog.

Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato (Showtime)

We see a court case headed by Michael as Carlo is brought in for the count of murder of first degree. In the court, Jimmy tells Michael to go f**k himself and he responds saying he will have him arrested for contempt of court. However, Jimmy walks away and then attacks him right in the court hallway. 

As the episode comes to a close, Michael gets his colleague Sarah LeBlanc (Lorraine Toussaint) set up to be picked up by the cops and has a family gathering on the occasion of his birthday. His friend, Charlie (Isiah Whitlock Jr) raised a toast to the “honorable man” and just then, the dog starts to feel sick.

The final scene shows how he spits out the piece of brain that Adam fed him. With all the DNA and fingerprint evidence, it seems Michael will soon be behind bars not just for Adam's crime but for the murder of his blackmailer too.

Django in ‘Your Honor’ (Showtime)

Fans do believe that Jimmy's act of killing the man was intentional. One Reddit fan posted, “Did they make Judge Desiato cleanup the body to use as leverage because his DNA is all over the dead blackmailer?”

Another said, “They showed Adam feed a little bit to him, but where that part came from didn't make sense since the judge had already cleaned up. But in the end, Django threw up a bunch of white mess, which really didn't make sense. My best interpretation of this, and I don't think the writers are doing this, is that it is exaggerated to show the judge's guilt, like Macbeth's wife seeing blood on her hands and not being able to wash it off.”

Written by Joey Hartstone, Episode 7 aka ‘Part Seven’ will air on Sunday, January 17, at 10 pm ET, but it will be available for Showtime App owners ahead of its linear premiere on Showtime Channel. You can catch the show on Showtime’s official website, SHO OnDemand, and on the Showtime App. With a total of 10 episodes, the limited series will air its final episode on February 14.

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