‘Your Honor’ Episode 3 Live Stream and Spoilers: Will Adam's silly mistakes lead him behind the bars in the end?

Adam seems too intrigued with the world of street photography. Will he finally find out how his mom died?

                            ‘Your Honor’ Episode 3 Live Stream and Spoilers: Will Adam's silly mistakes lead him behind the bars in the end?
Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato (Showtime)

“Yesterday is today,” Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) tells his son Adam Desiato (Hunter Doohan) after teaching him to walk on a path of lies and deception. In the first episode of ‘Your Honor’, Adam gets embroiled in a hit-and-run and he kills Rocco Baxter (Benjamin Hassan Wadsworth) — the son of dangerous crime lord Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg) and his wife Gina Baxter (Hope Davis).

The second episode shows how Michael abandons the car and a young Black guy named Kofi Jones is taken into custody. Now the one question on all minds is: Will Kofi take the blame and go behind the bars for Adam's crime? Can Michael stop that from happening? What will Jimmy and Gina do after finding out it was Kofi? 

Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato (Showtime)

‘Your Honor’ Episode 2 Predictions

The summary of the new episode reads: “Michael uses his power to hide details regarding the accident; Jimmy Baxter and Gina plot their revenge; Lt Nancy Costello (Amy Landecker) is suspicious; Kofi gets bad advice; Gina strikes a deal for Carlo.”

Going by the summary, Jimmy and Gina may soon have a plan to take revenge. If something bad happens to Kofi (Lamar Johnson) who seems to have gotten involved in the crime, Michael might not be able to forgive himself. Moreover, the reasons he gave to Detective Nancy Costello were not too convincing. If she gets suspicious, will that spell doom for him and his son? What is the advice Kofi will get and what would be Gina's next step? We might have to wait and see what really happens in the next episode.

Hope Davis as Gina Baxter (Showtime)


Will he finally find out how his mom died? One Reddit fan seems to have found the answer already. “There's the constant question of what happened to the wife but Maybe if people listened to the dialogue more and picked up that the cop Bryan Cranston's character meets specifically (Episode 2) says 'the robber didn't leave the store with the intent to kill someone but he didn't ask whether Robin Desiato had a young son when he shot her?'”

As we delve deeper into Adam's psyche, will we find out why he went to the Black neighborhood and why his mom's photo was smashed into pieces? “I also feel it was generic and out-of-date, but I'm hoping there is some actual backstory as to why the black guys were so hostile and why they destroyed the photo,” one fan posted and another wrote, “I'm curious to find out why the photo of his mom and flowers were trashed, and why he was so scared. Circumstances of his mom's death had something to do with the gang coming after him.”

Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy Baxter (Showtime)

‘Your Honor’ Episode 2 Spoilers

Adam seems too intrigued with the world of street photography. Will he take his own pictures as pieces of evidence? Now if Adam does that, he may soon get caught after cops discover those photos. One Reddit fan says, “I couldn’t even get past the first few minutes...like seriously Adam, if you want to get caught, just walk into the police station and confess ffs. Like who tf takes photos of their shoes, injuries and crime scene after they kill someone?? Idiot!” 

Moreover, Adam's guilty conscience is already kicking in. That's enough for a killer to be exposed, isn't it? “Literally the entire episode!!! Lmao! Links I felt sorry for him when it first happened, now this dude is just begging to be arrested!” one fan said. Another posted, “I’m trying not to read this, so just typing as I’m 5 minutes into 3rd episode. What is it with Adam and his camera now, and googling incriminating searches (in prior episode)? It’s like he’s destined or wants to be caught. But as I said, 5 mins in....LOL.” 

Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato (Showtime)

Moreover, Michael's efforts to hide the truth could work in the opposite way and actually reveal what he's trying to conceal. What happens after Michael deletes the gas station video? One Reddit fan said, “Adam's making terrible mistakes but so is the judge. So when the cops go to check out the gas station footage, the owner is now going to tell them, Some guy who looks like Bryan Cranston came in looking for video of that specific time period, and now it's deleted.”

Another posted, “I’m still watching it but Adam didn’t even flinch when that cat was speeding right at him when he was trying to take a photo. No asthma attack no jumping out of the way no panic attack unlike when he was safely in his car driving away from perceived danger. What is he suddenly all bad and brave and strong?” So when will Adam really get caught? It's clear he is laying down the trail of his crime and Nancy Costello may get a hint sooner or later. 

Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato (Showtime)


When will ‘Your Honor’ Episode 3 air and how to live stream?

Written by Alison McDonald, the third episode aka ‘Part Three’ will premiere on December 20, 2020, on Showtime Channel. You can also catch the show on Showtime’s official website and on the Showtime App.
Wondering how to watch the episode on the app? Subscribe to access the episodes with Showtime’s 30-day free trial which is available for first-time subscribers. Not just that, you can also watch the episodes on Hulu, DirecTV and Fubo TV and as a VOD service on YouTube TV. Moreover, Sling TV includes Showtime in its new Premium Pass bundle, which also gets you Starz and Epix. Another option is to watch the episodes on Showtime via Amazon Prime Video.

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