'Your Honor' Episode 2 Spoilers: How did Michael's wife Robin die? These fan theories will boggle your mind

After the series premiere of ‘Your Honor’, one Reddit fan wrote: ‘Maybe she had a car accident delivering pamphlets too’

                            'Your Honor' Episode 2 Spoilers: How did Michael's wife Robin die? These fan theories will boggle your mind
Bryan Cranston and Hunter Doohan (Showtime)

Spoilers for ‘Your Honor’ Episode 2

A hit-and-run sparks a game of lies, deceit and impossible choices in ‘Your Honor’. Based on the Israeli series 'Kvodo' created by Ron Ninio and Shlomo Mashiach Cranston, the miniseries starts with a brutal accident. Dangerous crime lord Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg) and his wife Gina Baxter’s (Hope Davis) birthday gift puts their son on a collision course with tragedy.

In the first episode ‘Part One’, Adam Desiato (Hunter Doohan) landed in the Black neighborhood to pay a sweet tribute to his mother. As soon as he spotted three young Black boys, fear engulfed him and he fled in his beat-up Volvo station wagon. In the quest to look for the inhaler after an asthma attack, he crashed into a motorbike that Rocco Baxter (Benjamin Hassan Wadsworth) was driving. Right after that scene, one question has been buzzing in many minds: How did Adam's mother Robin die? Was she murdered?

Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato and Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato (Showtime)

Here are some predictions on a Reddit thread that could solve the mystery. "The plot is fantastic, Brian did a great job switching to more of a Walt after the station events. The episode does a rather poor job of introducing us to the story. I believe we should have seen what happened to the Mother, to explain what happened to the son a bit more. The scared white kid isn't enough to have the scene not feel out of place today,” one fan said, adding, “The court case was really odd, I don't think it's legal for a judge to gather their own evidence on a case like that, or call out a child midcourt session. These were my only major gripes to a decently enjoyable episode until the final scenes, which really deflated my hopes for this show. The dog taking away the bloody towel was not clever, we shouldn't have known that happened - just maybe seen the dog around. If a gun is shown in the first act, it will go off. The worst is the scene at the crash aftermath and the inhaler."

"He is the judge of the lower 9th, and it's obvious he doesn't live there himself. I would assume his wife was murdered as revenge for a ruling against people in the 9th, and the son was there to pay his respects to her on the day of her death, hence the smashed picture of her and them chasing the kid out of there," another fan posted. A third wrote, "Maybe she had a car accident delivering pamphlets too. I have no idea. The point is it's 2020, we don't need more of 'small white kid gets approached by a bunch of menacing black people then...' as the hook to our stories. It's lazy, and reinforces a negative image we have.”

Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato (Showtime)

And a fourth went on to say: "I think they chose the wrong kid to play the son. I think they edited out some of his dialogue regarding his mom because that is a big piece missing from this episode. It would have been more impactful to show how the mom died in that spot and how those gang members were involved. Then they should have gone in with him hyperventilating. Put the audience in his shoes because we have no context of why he is freaking out so hard or why those guys are following him. It'll probably be hashed out later but that was a missed opportunity to elevate that whole scene."

What do you think really happened to Adam's mother? Could the revelation put the missing pieces of the puzzle together and tell us why he really got scared of the Black boys and got embroiled in the hit-and-run? As the episode came to a close, Adam told his father Michael about the incident, but how far will the judge go to save his son?

Written by Peter Moffat, the second episode aka ‘Part Two’ will premiere on December 13, 2020, on Showtime Channel. You can also catch the show on Showtime’s official website and on the Showtime App.

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