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'Young Wallander': Kurt's relationship with Mona is doomed to perish, but still gets new lease on Netflix show

In Netflix's 'Young Wallander', a prequel reimagining of the legendary detective, Kurt and Mona's relationship gets a brand new treatment

Spoilers for Netflix's 'Young Wallander' 

Kurt Wallander and Mona's romance is one written to be doomed. In the late Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell's novels when we first meet the troubled Scandinavian detective Wallander, his wife Mona had already left him. Their painful divorce, which consumed many a chapter inducing a myriad of emotions among readers, was a tragedy that left us all distressed. Eventually, the heartbreak from their separation caused both of them to spiral into alcoholism never to venture out. 

In Netflix's 'Young Wallander', a prequel reimagining of the legendary detective which follows him as a young 20-something detective, this relationship gets a brand new treatment. 

The charming Ellise Chappell plays the role of Mona. Kurt first meets her when he's at an anti-immigration rally that is to attack a church. Soon afterward, once he begins investigations into the brutal murders of a young teenager, they meet at the church. Sparks fly immediately and it's only a matter of time before they get together.

Be warned that this is the most swoon-worthy romance we have seen on television of late, as the two share impeccable chemistry and are quite the lookers. 

Ellise Chappell as Mona with Pålsson as Kurt (Netflix)

In an interview, Chappell gave ahead of the release of the show, she compared her portrayal of Mona to the ones in the books. "Mona is quite different in this show than she is in the books," she says. "I mean, for one, in the books, she's a hairdresser. And in the show, she's working for an organisation that aims to support refugees and asylum seekers. So in that sense, I felt, I guess, a bit more freedom from expectation." 

Over the course of six episodes, the brief portrayal of their relationship sees its fair share of ups and downs. But Kurt and Mona are meant to be together, and so they do — sending waves of rejoice through the screens.

Now, what makes this relationship worth rooting for? Especially since everything that is written about Mona and Kurt is heartbreaking. Perhaps for exactly that very reason. Consider what producer Berna Levin said about Kurt and Mona ahead of the release. "How Wallander met Mona is one of the things that there's very little written about, and the fun of it is now we can imagine how that happened. So all of those things are for the existing audience. For the newer audiences who don't know Wallander well, it's just fun."

Despite it being a relationship that is doomed to perish, it gets a new lease on 'Young Wallander'. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.