Who are 800 YGz aka 'Young Gunnaz'? Bronx gang war kills 3 teens in 5 days

Who are 800 YGz aka 'Young Gunnaz'? Bronx gang war kills 3 teens in 5 days
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BRONX, NEW YORK CITY: Three teenagers have died over 5 days after getting involved in a gang war that recently broke out in Bronx, New York City. One of them was as young as 13. "Everybody is walking around with a gun because they are more afraid of getting shot than getting arrested," a borough cop shared with New York Post.

Tyquill Daugherty, 19, was the first teenager to die in the past five days, followed by 13-year-old Jaryan 'Jay Ripp' Elliot and 16-year-old Ramon Gil-Medrano. A high-ranking source from the police revealed the struggles of juvenile suspects who end up back on the streets and join notorious gangs, after they are tried in family court instead of being prosecuted as adults. "We can’t keep them in [jail], and they’re going after each other,’’ he revealed. Another city prosecutor termed the gang violence as "Life on the streets in 2021," and added, "They don’t go to jail, so they do robberies, get in fights and carry guns." 


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Who are 800 Ygz or 'Young Gunnaz'?

The 800 Ygz or the 'Young Gunnaz' gang is a notoriously infamous gang in the Bronx, whose members are often known to be involved in gang wars and rivalries. One of the victims of this week, Ramon Gil-Medrano, was known to be a member of the Young Gunnaz gang. Gil-Medrano, who was wanted for the felony of an armed car-jacking at the time of his death, was earlier wounded in another shooting in July 2020. He was also involved in two other gun-related cases in the past seven months. 

His murder was a result of a retaliatory revenge, that started with the death of Tyquill Daugherty — who was shot in the head on Wednesday, July 7, in front of his home. The revenge for his death was taken on 13-year-old Jaryan Elliot, who was allegedly affiliated to an opponent gang 'The Crips'.

The teenager had been present at the scene of Daugherty's death, though it is unlikely that he was the one to pull the trigger on Daugherty. However, he was targeted by Daugherty's gang members and shot dead. A fresh graduate from middle school, Elliot was wanted for eight felonies including robbery and assault. He had already been arrested twice in 2021, before being released. Elliot was a favorite member of all gang-members, being referred to as a "modern-day Baby Face". In fact, the impact of his shooting was so high that people were vowing on social media to avenge his murder.

Within eight and a half hours of Elliot's murder, Ramon Gil-Medrano was shot dead as a revenge. The member of the 'Young Gunnaz' was fatally shot by two males who were driving by on scooter in Mount Hope. Gil-Medrano was present during Elliot's killing but it is not certain whether he was the one to shoot him. Later, on Monday, July 12, two more gang members were injured in a double shooting near to the site of Elliot's death. 

"There is a major gang war going on in The Bronx with three teenagers killed in less than a week," the police confirmed. A source from within the law enforcement department stated, "This is another instance of no consequences for repeat gun offenders. The system that purports to help these kids is actually acting as an incubator for future violence. Gil-Medrano gets caught with guns, goes to kid-glove Family Court, and he’s out here walking the streets. The kid gloves ultimately allowed him to get murdered.”

Another source was convinced that online taunting and antagonizing was adding on to the gang warfare.

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