'Young, Famous & African': Khanyi calls Naked DJ a 'd**k' for berating her relationships

'Young, Famous & African': Khanyi calls Naked DJ a 'd**k' for berating her relationships
Quinton Masina, also known as Naked DJ and Khanyi Mbau on 'Young, Famous & African' (Netflix)

If you've ever wondered how Africa's biggest celebs live it up, then Netflix's 'Young, Famous & African' is sure to be your go-to guide. But between the party, drama and feuds, a few bonds have stood the test of time. While many friendships on 'Young, Famous & African' seem rather new, Quinton Masina, also known as Naked DJ and Khanyi go way back.

They have a friendship of over 20 years and Quinton stated that the two have a big sister little brother sort of friendship. So, it comes as no surprise that Khanyi is worried about his relationship with Kayleigh, and concerned that he might rush into things. But she wasn't the only one with concerns.

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After all the ladies met for a tea party to celebrate Nadia before her departure to Mexico to meet Vic, Khanyi decided to meet Quinton and talk about his relationship. It was a shock for Khanyi, who knew both of Quinton's ex-wives, just how much he and Kayleigh disagreed on things. She told him straight that she believes his relationship with her was 'turbulent', only for Quinton to turn around and ask her not to point fingers when her's was far from perfect.

He told her that he never knew when she would be in a different Lamborgini. Khanyi stated that Quinton's constant arguing was alarming, to which he noted that her being in 'different lambos' was just as worrying. He told her that her current boyfriend, Kudzai Mushonga, was like a 'genie in a bottle' who appeared out of nowhere. He called her out for treating him like a 'gender reveal party', seeing that the first time her friends got to meet him was at a ball and not a casual, informal setting. Khanyi was just as upset that she found out about Kayleigh via social media. Quinton told her that she should 'follow and like' and 'shut her mouth'.


He also noted that once Khanyi's heart was broken, she shouldn't have to be the one to pick up the pieces. Upset over the whole conversation, Khanyi told him that he has to be there for her, to which he said he did not sign up to 'babysit' her. While she argued that it was not babysitting but support, she concluded that he was being a 'dick' to her in that moment by attacking her when she only had his best interest at heart. 

Catch 'Young, Famous & African' on Netflix from March 18, 2022 onwards. 

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