YouTuber kills pregnant partner on livestream by locking her out on freezing balcony after user pays to see abuse

YouTuber kills pregnant partner on livestream by locking her out on freezing balcony after user pays to see abuse
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A YouTuber from Russia has been arrested for allegedly killing his pregnant partner in a live broadcast. Stas Reeflay was allegedly paid by the audience to execute the cruel act. To live stream the abuse, the 30-year-old accused allegedly locked Valentina Grigoryeva, who was only wearing underwear, out on a balcony in sub-zero weather. A report by Baza media, as stated by The Sun said that Reeflay received $1,000 (£800) from a viewer to abuse his girlfriend.

It has been said that the 28-year-old victim died of hypothermia at a house in Ivanovka village, near Moscow. Reports also stated that the tragic death of Grigoryeva, who was in the early stages of pregnancy, has called for an urgent ban on online "reality violence". Reeflay allegedly kept shooting the cruel abuse even after the woman appeared “half dead”. The disturbing video also showed the accused, whose real name is Stanislav Reshetnikov, carrying Grigoryeva back inside before attempting to save her. “Valya, are you alive? My bunny, what’s up with you? Valya, Valya, damn, you look like you are dead. Bunny, come on… tell me something. I'm worrying. Damn... I'm not feel her heartbeat,” Reeflay said on the camera before telling the audience: “Guys... No pulse... She’s pale. She is not breathing.”

The live stream then showed the man calling an ambulance for help as he said, “Wake up, Valya, I love you, wake up.” Reeflay did not shut the camera down even when paramedics arrived and declared Grigoryeva dead. However, this was not the first time the YouTuber subjected the woman to abuse. Earlier, he allegedly sprayed pepper spray all over Grigoryeva’s body. The victim’s friend said his live broadcast had been “full of cruelty” towards her.

After the alleged tragedy, Reeflay was taken into custody and if found guilty, he could face up to two years behind bars. The Russian Investigative Committee said: “Information will also be checked about possible unlawful actions against the deceased by the young man in whose house the body was found.” Also, an urgent investigation has been launched into the case to find out if any other laws were broken in the live stream. Feminist activist Liza Lazerson slammed the YouTube as she said, “The woman dies on air - and the audience sends donations to the killer. This must stop. Such videos are calmly broadcast to the whole world, meaning something is broken. Until this is fixed, censorship is necessary.”

In another incident, an Instagram influencer was found dead naked in suspicious condition on November 28 in Houston, Texas. Alexis Sharkey’s remains were found less than 24 hours after she vanished not very far from the apartment, where she and her husband - Tom Sharkey - lived. After her death, now her four close friends - 32-year-old Tanya Ricardo, 29-year-old Desiree Jacobs, Kendra Martin, 33, and Chealsea Turnbow, 33 - have vowed to fight for justice. “We have a lot of information we want to share with police, text messages, voice recordings, so much stuff that we think is vitally important and can help in their investigation. We have given statements but none of us has been questioned yet - and so far we don't believe Tom has either. The four of us have been together since this happened - we're terrified. Her killer is still out there but we are determined - we won't stop until we find out what happened to our friend. She was beautiful inside and out and we miss her terribly,” Chealsea said.


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