Video: Dad feeds children ice cream laced with laxative, films them crying in pain

Cordero James Brady has been blasted after posting a video which showed his children reduced to tears after eating ice cream laced with laxative

                            Video: Dad feeds children ice cream laced with laxative, films them crying in pain
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A "prank" video posted by a father on his popular YouTube channel came under fire after it showed him feeding his children ice-cream laced with laxatives and then later filming them crying in pain. The channel has since been suspended by the video-sharing platform.

The said channel, CJ SO COOL, is owned by 29-year-old Cordero James Brady of Nevada and boasts over 5.6 million subscribers. Also, the channel is monetized, which means Brady makes money every time advertisers use his videos to reach out to his audience.

That said, Brady's channel was suspended last week over a dangerous practical joke he played on his children which rendered them physically sick. Due to the severe backlash, YouTube elected to permanently take down the infamous "laxative ice cream" video.

Brady is seen lacing his children's ice cream with Pedia-Lax and then offering it to them. The vlog is cut and resumed 90 minutes later, when his children are seen screaming and crying in pain, as seen in the footage.

"My stomach hurts," one of his kids is heard screaming. "Oh my goodness, this boy's stomach is broken!" he jokes. 

The father then records his youngest two children in separate bathrooms, crying as they sit on the toilet attempting to close the door on him. However, he continues to film them.

In a conversation with Daily Mail, a Henderson Police Department source said: "There was a case that was investigated in 2016 involving laxatives and this individual. It was a joint investigation with Clark County Child Protective Services. It was submitted to the DAs office and it was recommended as a criminal case."

That being said, the video was reportedly filmed over two years ago, and it is yet unclear as to what charges have been made against Brady. YouTube only removed the video last week after first reported on it.

Clark County Child Protective Services said that they would not be able to comment on any potential criminal investigations until the fog cleared off.

In a conversation with, which originally reported on the laxative video, Dr. Kortney Peagram, founder of Bulldog Solution, said: "Harming your child on purpose with laxatives is child abuse. That's child endangerment."

Dr. Peagram said that Brady is "harming his children and bullying them to pull pranks on each other, it is really disturbing. "He's modeling inappropriate behavior and encouraging it by laughter … He's teaching his children that it's okay to harm each other for a good laugh," she added.  

Having said that, this is not the first time the YouTube dad pranked his children and left them in tears.

In another video which has since been removed from the video-sharing platform, Brady lights firecrackers in his kids' room when they are fast asleep. The children are subsequently startled and start crying when the father bursts into laughter, saying "it's a prank because they think somebody was shooting!"

After the first reportage on the controversial "laxative ice cream prank", YouTube released a statement saying "content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our policies as soon as we're made aware of it."

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.