'You' Season 3 Takeaway: Why is Love intensely overprotective of her loved ones?

Love Quinn is quick to charm us with her jaw-dropping looks and niceness. But what lies beneath all that facade?

                            'You' Season 3 Takeaway: Why is Love intensely overprotective of her loved ones?
Love Quinn from 'You' (IMDb)

Love Quinn is seemingly darling of a woman in 'You', Netflix's famous thriller. She has a twin brother, called Forty Quinn, who she has been overprotective about since their childhood. Growing up, Love detested her parents for being 'too self-absorbed' and hardly making any effort whatsoever in their children's upbringing. In due course of time, this sheer negligence culminated into an unfortunate event - Love murdered their family's au pair Sofia for abusing Forty. In order to cover up her actions, she framed Forty and the family made it seem like Sofia took her own life.

Love is a fiercely independent, aspiring chef, who works as a produce manager in a grocery store named Anavrin. She's probably the last person in the world to be bothered about peoples' opinions, and more often than not keeps her nose away from others' affairs. Love's aura is calming and somewhat alluring, so to say. She is not one to shy away from challenges and is a firm believer that she is capable of anything she sets her mind to. Whether it's a career choice or someone she fancies, Love is pretty successful in every aspect. Aside from this, she tends to bring down the roof when things don't go her way or as planned.

We are made aware that Love's brother Forty is in a constant struggle with drugs. He is in and out of rehab, getting clean only to have a relapse again. All the while, Love stands by his side and protects him. She took care of him like a mother would, unconditionally. In time, the twins managed Anavrin together, sharing both their personal and professional lives.

Although the Quinns had a lavish life growing up, they had had their troubles. Having said that, Love’s past is a tad mysterious. Her passion for cooking is so much that she uses food to connect with people, and is constantly in the kitchen creating and experimenting with ingredients to craft something new. We see that she's a highly protective sibling, and cares very deeply for her brother, and feels that it's her responsibility to be there for him. 

During the event that traumatized their childhood, Love stood up for her brother and took over the blame. She tries to find new ways to move on from her previous relationship. When Joe comes into her life, everything finally makes sense, like she has found meaning and purpose in life. Having said that, she's a doting mother to her son, Henry, who her mother calls Forty, thinking that Henry is a reincarnation of her son she lost.