Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl is a scary psychopath in new Netflix series YOU

Penn Badgley is starring in a new Netflix series called YOU where he plays a genuine stalker-psychopath who becomes an obsessive boyfriend to the woman of his dreams

                            Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl is a scary psychopath in new Netflix series YOU
Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in YOU (Source : Getty Images, IMDB)

Penn Badgely, famous for playing Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl is back to play a full-fledged psychopath in a new Netflix series YOU.

Fans are really not surprised since the character feels like a natural calling after he turned out to be the Gossip Girl. Think about it, the entire show was about a creepy blogger stalking high school girls and detailing their their relationship drama in his anonymous blog.

Dan Humphrey referred to himself as "lonely boy" claiming fame as the lover boy of a popular girl, Serena Van Der Woodson. The new show isn't any different but his creepiness is on a next level with acute intensity of stalking. 

The plot is based on a 21st century love story where a 20 something boy, Joseph (Joe), is obsessed with the woman of his dreams and uses hyper-connectivity of modern technology to make her fall in love with him.

He mainly stalks her on social media and online profiles to infiltrate her life and becomes a psychopath boyfriend.

The female lead, played by Elizabeth Lail, falls for Joe's tricks but her cautious friend warns her about her new love interest. While it is natural for best friends to look out for each other, especially in relationships, the best friend is put in danger for telling her friend to watch out. The trailer indicates that Joe tries to murder the friend to get rid of her. 

Joe says, "Can we get real for a second? You have questionable taste in friends. But I'm going to help you get the life you deserve." Then we see Joe following her friends around, before saying, "How exactly do you get rid of a body?"

The series serve as a wake-up call and warns individuals from sharing too much personal information on the internet, especially linking Instagram handles to Tinder profiles.

Because Joe gathers all information using the world wide web, the psycho thriller drama is relatable on with our everyday life and is bound to freak us out.

YOU is based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Caroline Kepnes. The show was granted 10 episodes straight by Lifetime last April and on May 9 this year, the first glimpse was available to UK audience.