What is Yolanda Gampp's net worth? How cake artist built her empire from 'Sugar to channel 'How to cake it'

What is Yolanda Gampp's net worth? How cake artist  built her empire from 'Sugar to channel 'How to cake it'
Yolanda Gampp (Instagram/ @yolanda_gampp)

When it comes to all things dessert, a tried and tested classic that tops most people's list of favorite foods is cake. Between, layers of deliciousness and endless types, what's not to love about cake? And if there is anyone who whole-heartedly agrees, it would have to be Yolanda Gampp.

A pro-baker and YouTube star, Gampp has built her empire on all things sweet and sugary. And now, she's all set to take on a whole new kind of challenge in 'Crime Scene Kitchen,' where she'll be swapping in her apron for a seat at the judges' table, alongside famed celebrity chef, Curtis Stone. Gampp has certainly come a long way from baking out her family kitchen.


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Who is Yolanda Gampp?

Born in 1977, Gampp is a self-taught baker, who was inspired by her father, who was also a baker. “He was always creative in his own right, but he did the right thing. He had a family business so that he could take care of the family and be the main breadwinner, but on the side, he always worked on his passion, which was woodworking,” she says. “He was self-taught, and one of the first things he ever made me was a wooden turntable that I could ice cakes on," she said. When she had wanted to go to college and become a chef “It was my father who said to her, ‘Let Yolanda do what she wants to do.’ Inevitably, that’s what led me here," says Gampp.


She started her career by baking custom cakes out of her mother's kitchen and later attended George Brown's Culinary Arts Program, a culinary school in Toronto. 

In 2005, seeing that she had a large clientele of her own, she began focusing on her own business. Gampp later when on to star on 'SugarStars' but was canceled after Season 1. She went back to baking cakes


However, in 2014, she became the star of 'How to Cake It,' a web series on YouTube. When Gampp’s son was about eight months old, Jocelyn Mercer and Connie Contardi called her with a YouTube idea. “They said, ‘Let’s do it ourselves and we’ll build this whole thing together.’ At the time I remember thinking, ‘Oh, what a great way to start again with a little video here and there,’ she says. It became much bigger than that and it happened much faster than any of them could have imagined — now they have more than three million subscribers to their channel, How to Cake It, with a new cake video coming out every Tuesday.


She has gone on to judge shows like Sugar Showdown and Cake Wars. Gampp is married to David Gampp, who is often referred to as 'Mr Cake.' The couple have a son together - Prince.






Her net worth

As reported by Net Worth Track, Gampp's current net worth is an estimated $500,000. Superb Hub reported that her annual YouTube earnings could be anywhere between $15.8K to $253K. She also has a cookbook, which is priced at $20.69 and a line of merchandise as well, such as the Baker’s basic bundle for $55.99, the Crumb Coat & Chill Apron & Spatula Combo which retails for $35.99, the Round Cutter Set at $19.99, Fondant Tools bundle for $39.99 and also Signed How To Cake It Cake book & Bottle Combo for $55.99. However, now with 'Crime Scene Kitchen' under her belt, this amount is expected to increase.


'How to Cake It: A Cakebook' had been her biggest dream. “I feel like a cookbook is permanent and helpful, because I loved books when I was teaching myself. I’m really proud of it — it feels like another baby to me, she told MycityLife.







As per the official synopsis of the show, 'Crime Scene Kitchen,' an all-new baking competition series with a unique twist, is coming to FOX this summer. Hosted by actor and comedian Joel McHale, 'Crime Scene Kitchen' is a culinary guessing game in which bakers are tasked with decoding what type of dessert was made when all that’s left are the crumbs, flour trails, and a few elusive clues. They must then recreate the recipe for celebrity judges, chef Curtis Stone and cake artist Gampp, who will determine how closely their sweet treat matches the missing dessert – and how good it tastes.'


'Crime Scene Kitchen' premieres on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, on Fox at 9/8c. 

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