Yoga instructor, 35, disappears while hiking in Maui forest, cops seek public help to locate her

Yoga instructor, 35, disappears while hiking in Maui forest, cops seek public help to locate her

A yoga instructor who had gone on a hike in Maui last week has not been heard from or seen since. Authorities are now looking to the public for help to try and locate the woman. 

The 35-year-old Amanda Eller was reported missing on Thursday, May 9, after her friends and family did not hear from Eller since 7.03 am the day before. Police discovered Eller's vehicle, a white Toyota RAV4, in the parking lot at the Makawao Forest Reserve on Thursday morning at 9.50 am. As reported by CNN affiliate KHON, Eller's friend Sarah Haynes said, "Her car was there and her belongings were in her car. Her phone was in her car."

"That is common for her. She likes to unplug when she runs," Haynes added. Currently, a multi-agency search effort is taking place at the forest reserve to find Eller. Eller's parents have announced a $10,000 reward for any information leading to her location. A video which was shared on Facebook showed a group of searchers, including dogs, at the sit where her vehicle was discovered. 

Haynes shared, "Amanda's really well loved in the yoga community and there are people from all over the island coming in and hiking and trying to find her." Haynes added, "I mean horses, dogs, ATVs, repellers, multiple drones... We're doing everything we can think of, and there hasn't been a sign of her."

Amanda Eller has been reported missing in Maui after going on a hike (Source: Maui Now)

On her website, Eller had shared that she is a physical therapist who lived in Maui. "Living on this island has also inspired extraordinary changes, including the completion of my yoga teacher training," Eller had written.

"I have found yoga asana to be one of the most powerful injury prevention and rehabilitation practices, and I'm thrilled to now offer private sessions to my clients," she had added. Eller had also shared that when she is not treating patients or teaching yoga, she spends time "exploring the beautiful outdoors while scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding and hiking."


One of Eller's other friends Lucia Maya, described Eller as an amazing person. "I know she's incredibly strong, she's athletic, she's an avid hiker and outdoors person," Maya said.

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