Yoan Moncada misses home plate, White Sox gets inning: 'Mr Inconsistent strikes again!' say fans

Yoan Moncada missed home plate but White Sox got the inning during a game against the Milwaukee Brewers

                            Yoan Moncada misses home plate, White Sox gets inning: 'Mr Inconsistent strikes again!' say fans
Yoan Moncada #10 of the Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium on May 22, 2021, in the Bronx borough of New York City (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

The Chicago White Sox were playing against the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday, July 24, when fans on social media noticed the 'bizarre moment' when Yoan Moncada, third baseman for the White Sox, missed the plate coming home, but they still got a run in the inning.

The White Sox have been in the news recently when 'RIP Eloy' began to trend after the official Twitter account of the team posted a photo of a couple of team members holding Eloy Jimรฉnez's jersey along with the caption, "with us tonight & always." 


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We also reported that John Danks, husband of singer Ashely Monroe from the Pistol Annies trio, who recently disclosed that she has a rare form of blood cancer, was a member of the Chicago White Sox too. 

On Saturday, White Sox underwent one of the longest replay reviews to date after Yoan Moncada apparently missed home plate on this play. "The ruling of no run on Yoan Moncada is a joke. The appeal took 90 seconds, far beyond your rule of 20 seconds. The ump ruled him safe not once BUT TWICE. And now no explanation to the fans in the stands or at home what the ruling is? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" fan explained.




'Odd situation, bad break'

Fans on social media blamed the umpire for not calling our Saturday's incident on the pitch. Describing it, one said, "The ump signaled safe multiple times telling Moncada he did not have to go back and retouch the plate and the challenge came well after the 20 second time limit." Another said in response, "Thatโ€™s what made it weird as well. Looking at the replay, the ump signaled it a few times. An odd situation all around and a bad break."




'Bad calls'

People wondered if Tony La Russa, manager for the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball, filed a protest and no one was alerted, but it is not clear at the moment if this happened. "He clearly missed the plate but the Ump called him safe," a Twitter user said. "Two nights in a row umps make bad calls but donโ€™t explain nothing!" a fan wondered. Another said, "None of the bad umpiring happens if Yoan Moncada touches home plate like a regular #MLB player".  "One more frame and you could see he drags his foot, looks back and sees that he is called safe. Don't hang this one on YM," a fourth opined.






'Mr Inconsistent strikes again!'

"The overrated Yoan Moncada sucks! Mr inconsistent, strikes again!", a tweet read. "If Yoan Moncada knew how to run the bases like a normal major league baseball player none of the umpire mistakes happen. Moncada has a solid bat ... his base running is bad and his defense is at best average at 3B. Cost the #WhiteSox dearly," said another. "Honestly if I'm the White Sox...I'd listen to all trade offers for Yoan Moncada and toss him into trades for solid returns. He's never going to live up to his potential. Too many missed bases for pretty boy to focus on baseball IMO..." a third chipped in.