Yeses announce self-titled debut EP out October 19; releases 'Edge Of The World' video

The band has also shared the video to their song 'Edge Of The World' with PopMatters and it is as soothing as it couls have been.

                            Yeses announce self-titled debut EP out October 19; releases 'Edge Of The World' video

Los-Angeles based band, Yeses which is the new project of Daniel Dixon of 'Greylag,' is set to release their new self-titled EP on October 19. To record the 5-song EP, Daniel teamed up with friend and producer Jon Joseph (Børns). With Jon also playing bass, James MacAlister (Sufjan Stevens) and Logan Baudean (Moon Honey) on drums and his wife Stephanie Dixon singing background vocals, Daniel filled out the rest of the instrumentation himself.

There’s a dream-like quality to these songs, a feeling like you’ve heard them before but can’t remember where—like you’ve known them all your life. They are songs that grab your attention and reward on each deeper listen. The band shared the official video for 'Edge Of The World' with PopMatters, and the song is available to stream at Spotify. 

Watch the video here:

About the video, Dixon says, "There is a sort of stunned silence that comes after a great loss that is almost like peace, a feeling that Yeses singer Daniel Dixon explores in the beautiful but ultimately unsettling new video for their song Edge of the World. An idyllic walk along the shoreline quickly takes an ominous turn when a man is discovered lying motionless among the waves. In one long shot, the camera settles over his disheveled face as he stares unflinchingly back. An uncomfortable voyeuristic feeling begins to grow as we watch him sing through the chaos of waves crashing over him, seemingly undisturbed by them. Here at the edge of the world, the border of two great realities, we are left to wonder, what comes next?"



A good breakup song isn’t always just about romance; you can just as profoundly break up with a city, a best friend, a way of life—anything you care deeply about and are forced to leave behind. For Daniel Dixon of Yeses, the songs on the band’s debut EP represent a break with a past version of himself. Still spinning from the breakup of his long-time band Greylag, the dissolution of the tight-knit Portland community around it and a personal loss of faith, Daniel sensed that he was on the verge of a major life shift. Eager for a fresh start, he moved back to his home state of California, but soon after, he began to suffer from a mysterious illness that often left him bedridden, in and out of the hospital and in a deep mental fog.

Concerned that his body was reacting to the loss of an old life that was never properly mourned, he began writing new songs in order to wrestle with his past experiences and identities. The songs on Yeses’ self-titled EP aren’t trying to provide any existential answers. Instead, they are open-ended questions, a wandering attempt to explore a feeling, a latent memory, and to follow where it leads. There’s also a sense of longing to return home, despite knowing that it no longer exists— a nostalgia that simply wants to be experienced without needing to be understood.



Yeses have announced a hometown record release show taking place on October 17 at The Hi-Hat. Tickets for the show are available HERE.

Yeses EP Track List 
1. 'Long Way Home'
2. 'Edge of the World'
3. 'Right Idea'
4. 'The Limit'
5. 'Savior Fix'