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'Yellowstone' Season 3 Episode 3: Who is Mia? Meet Eden Brolin's character and Jimmy's love at first sight

Eden Brolin plays Mia, a barrel racer at the rodeo who becomes friendly with the bunkhouse guys and is introduced as Jimmy's love interest
Eden Brolin as Mia (Paramount Network)
Eden Brolin as Mia (Paramount Network)

Love is in the air. ‘Yellowstone’ seems to have gone a little softer around the edges as the characters wear hearts on their sleeves in Season 3. It's barely three episodes down but romantic scenes have taken the center stage, especially with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) living together in solace and serenity, away from all the action and drama.

In the third episode ‘An Acceptable Surrender’, a pretty cowgirl comes into focus as the Duttons line up for a horse racing event where ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstram (Jefferson White) gets set to participate in a rodeo competition. Eden Brolin plays Mia, a barrel racer at the rodeo who becomes friendly with the bunkhouse guys. Dressed in a collared-printed shirt, tight blue jeans and a grey-brown hat over her flowy long locks, she steals all the attention. 

In an endearing scene, Jimmy meets Mia and at first, the two are lost for words. To break the ice, Mia says, "Ain't gonna say nothing?" Mesmerized by her aura, Jimmy answers, "Yeah, I didn't really plan this out past walking up here." Mia then tells Jimmy that she saw him in Three Forks, where he scored 89 and beat her brother. "Yeah, I didn't see you, or I would have remembered," Jimmy answers.

Mia (Paramount Network)

Jimmy then catches his breath when he realizes Mia already knows his name. She introduces herself and they shake hands. There is a lot of awkwardness and a little too much sexual tension. Without wasting any more time, Mia blurts out, "You could ask me on a date." Jimmy asks her out and says, "S**t, that was kinda easy." At that precise moment, the bunkhouse boys join them and Lloyd Pierce (Forrie J Smith) drags him out of that conversation just after Mia and Jimmy share a little peck. 

"I can't believe I kissed you," she says. "I'm not that forward." As the two bid goodbye, Jimmy confesses: "You ever have a girl look at you and your whole world just stops?" Lloyd jokes, "Every Saturday night." For Jimmy, it's love at first sight but will it last? Fans love the camaraderie after watching that scene. "His first Buckle Bunny. Or... she's playing him, getting into his head so her brother can win," one said and another posted, "I love how this season is now exploring all the relationships now that we are familiar with the characters." Another fan went on to say, "This is how my wife asked me out on our first date. I was at roping and her words were are you going to ask me out or not? I was holding my horse’s reins and dropped them out of pure shock and bewilderment. Great memory."

Jimmy (Paramount Network)

Showering the show and the new character with compliments one fan said, "Nothing sexier and sweet than a woman in a cowboy hat. Just makes me melt." Another posted, "The thing that makes Yellowstone so special to me is their ability to be this intense drama on one hand and then you have scenes like this one where Jimmy has your shoulders moving 'up and down' uncontrollably from laughing so hard at his simple ass. I love that dude. I've been rooting for him since we first met his character. And then, they really drop the hammer at the end by having Lloyd bring him back down to earth saying, 'Every Saturday night, now come on.' Hahaha. This show is light years ahead of other shows. I really hope Kevin Costner can hang in there for another several years because I'm really trying to see where all this goes. If you guys can keep giving me episodes up until Tate grows a full beard... I'm good."

In the very next scene, Jimmy goes out to show his skills at the competitive equestrian sport, falls off his horse and seems to be critically injured. The episode ends on that cliffhanger and now, one question on fans' minds is: Will Jimmy survive? 

As the series comes back for another episode next week, we may find out whether Jimmy lives or dies and what is his scope with Mia in the future. ‘Yellowstone’ airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET on Paramount Network and you can catch the next episode ‘Going Back to Cali’ on July 12, 2020.