'Yellowstone' season 2: Neal McDonough's Malcolm Beck is the Big Bad the Duttons need to be wary of

'Yellowstone' season 2: Neal McDonough's Malcolm Beck is the Big Bad the Duttons need to be wary of

In 'Reek of Desperation', the third episode for the second season of 'Yellowstone', we see progress on most of the characters on the drama. 

Kayce Dutton (played by Luke Grimes) is trying to make it work on the ranch. Following his fistfight with Rip (played by Cole Hauser) in the last episode, Kayce is taking it one day at a time; and by that, we mean that he is still trying to figure his way out. Kayce wants to do things differently: he wants to ask questions and get feedback from the cowboys. But what he doesn't realize is that when you welcome questions, it allows for disagreements. Rip then reassures Kayce that he'll take care of whatever Kayce needs which includes that no one on the ranch questions him and his ways. 

We also get an update on Kayce and Monica's tumultuous relationship. While Kayce tries to talk to his wife, Monica is adamant that she doesn't want him working for his father John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) and neither does she want their son growing up with Dutton Sr around.


Yet, the biggest update the third episode of Paramount Network's 'Yellowstone' gave us is finally introducing us to the Big Bad of the season. 

Chief Rainwater (played by Gil Birmingham) and Dan Jenkins (played by Danny Huston) (Image: Paramount)

Played by Neal McDonough, Malcolm Beck is a powerful business rival who doesn't hesitate to take what he desires, neither does he care about how he gets it. 

His ruthlessness is evident in his introductory scene itself. His brother and business partner Teal (played by Terry Serpico) and he find out that our old dear friend Dan Jenkins (played by Danny Huston) plans to build a hotel and a casino with Thomas Rainwater (played by Gil Birmingham). 

The brothers do not appreciate someone else taking over their plans. So they decide to pay Dan Jenkins a visit in his office and leave him after planting a seed of mistrust against Rainwater and his motives. 


The Beck brothers, in their element, sinister and completely fearless – they store a lot more power in their pockets and have a certain dangerous and dignified air around them; extremely intimidating even. 

The brothers are creeping closer in on the Dutton ranch and they are not ones to back down. It only remains to see how this will play out. If there are sides to pick, it goes without saying we're on the Duttons' side. 

'Yellowstone' returns to Paramount on July 10, 2019,  pm PT/ ET. 



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