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'Yellowjackets' Episode 4: Is Jackie dead? 'Bear Down' hints at character's death

Perhaps the mysterious teen who died at the start of the season was in fact Jackie
Ella Purnell as Jackie in 'Yellowjackets' (Showtime)
Ella Purnell as Jackie in 'Yellowjackets' (Showtime)

'Yellowjackets' Episode 4 may have slowed down the pace, but the intrigue factor remained high while also hinting at a key character's death. Titled 'Bear Claw', the episode focused on Natalie (Juliette Lewis) and her relationship with her dead friend, Travis. The other storyline was about Melanie Lynskey's Shauna and her burgeoning affair with Adam and teased Jackie's (Ella Purnell) death, With the former's husband, Jeff (Warren Kole) cheating on her, Shauna decides to exact revenge, and with Adam in tow, she decides to give her husband a dose of his own medicine.

One of the scenes saw Adam and Shauna attempt to jump off a bridge and into the water below after getting drunk. Just before Shauna attempts the dive, she imagines Jackie warning her not to do it. However, she conveniently ignores it and dives in with her new beau. This leads to the most important question: Is Jackie dead? And if so, how did she die?


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Does Jackie die in 'Yellowjackets'?

Possibly so. Shauna's imagination of Jackie warning her implies that the character wasn't one of the survivors. To further add to the theory, she was only shown in the flashbacks, and not in the present. This could possibly mean that Jackie was one of the victims. She might be the teen who was chased to death in the season opener although the face wasn't revealed.

Jackie's relationship with Shauna will surely be delved into over the course of the season, and there's also that massive twist that may reveal whether Shauna had a part in Jackie's death. Her absence would mean she would have Jeff all for herself, especially after it was shown that he and Shauna had an affair even when he was dating Jackie. Her marriage to Jeff is the third hint that Jackie doesn't make it. 'Yellowjackets' manages to dish out more twists and turns by the episode and only time will tell how Jackie met her end.

'Yellowjackets' airs Sundays at 10 pm ET on Showtime.