Driven by a group of fierce women, 'Yellow' is set to debut at Dances With Films Festival

The first episode follows 10 characters in one afternoon at an art gallery, as each is poised at a crossroad in their lives

                            Driven by a group of fierce women, 'Yellow' is set to debut at Dances With Films Festival
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The annual independent film festival, 'Dances With Films,' is just around the corner, and where an all female driven anthology drama series 'Yellow' is set to make its world premiere on June 9. 

Revolving around the theme of human connections through art, the ensemble drama takes place in an art gallery. The 40-minute pilot episode takes place between 10 characters over the course of one afternoon, with each at a crossroad in their lives on a seemingly ordinary afternoon in an art gallery.

The first season of the series is divided into seven-part, with each episode titled after the color of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

Each episode will be exclusively written and directed by women, with a reccurring theme of human connection through the arts, emphasizing strong intricate characters.

The result is said to be a culturally diverse one, and the moving anthology series is meant to shine a light on what it means to be human and how art connects us all.  

This independent film raised over $20K in a Kickstarter campaign. The pitch of the film on the website reads: 

"Yellow is the first film/pilot episode in what we hope will be a series of seven, aiming to promote and give a platform to female filmmakers/writers/directors in Canada. The episodes will all stand-alone, but together will make up a themed anthology series about human connection."

Yellow is written and directed by actress Sarah Deakins, who has starred in American television miniseries 'Out of Order'.

She wanted to have more control over the types of stories she was putting out in the world, so she started writing.

Her first short film titled 'Late' about two strangers struggling for an honest connection during a chance encounter at a café, made it to Cannes in the telefilm "Not Short on Talent" program. Deakins went on to direct 'Greece,' a work she is absolutely proud of. 

"So while Greece was a very contained piece, in a private space, which explored the last connection between just two people, a mother and daughter, Yellow has a much wider scope, taking place in an art gallery, following ten characters, primarily from the point of view of the art..." Deakins writes. 

By far, what we know is that the film is about art and love, poetry and truth.

Here are all the details you need to know about Yellow before the premiere:

Directed and written by: Sarah Deakins

Cast: Kacey Rohl, Adrian Holmes, Ryan Robbins, Benjamin Ayres, Kyra Zagorsky, Stephanie Belding, Sarah Deakins, Alanis Peart, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Michael Shanks

Produced by: Sarah Deakins, Arielle Boisvert, Julia Benson

Executive Producers: Adam Benzine, Nathan Sawaya, Jonathan Shore, Shawn Williamson

Running Time: 34 minutes

World Premiere: Dances with Films Screening on Saturday, June 9th at 4 pm during TV Block 2 at TCL Chinese Theatres